10 years of My Name Is Khan: Impactful dialogues from the film that we will never forget

Instagram: Fox Star Hindi
Instagram: Fox Star Hindi

My Name Is Khan is surely one of the best films directed by Karan Johar. It was something that we didn’t expect from Karan. There were no fancy clothes, no huge sets, just pure emotions. The movie was about a Muslim man in the US who loses his son after the 9/11 incident and wants to meet the President of America and clear that though he is a Muslim he is not a terrorist.

My Name Is Khan starred Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol, and the two won many awards for their performance in the film. The film completes 10 years of its release today.

Kajol tweeted about the film, “Soooooo many memories. So much fun from Nysa’s first Disney trip to seeing the history of San Fran up close and personal with the most amazing sunrise. It will always be one of my most fav memories! #10YearsOfMyNameIsKhan @karanjohar @iamsrk @M_Contractor.”

Today, as My Name is Khan completes 10 years of its release, let’s look at some of the most impactful dialogues from the film that we will never forget…

 My name is Khan, and I’m not a terrorist

Namaaz jagah aur logon se nahi, neeyat se padhi jaati hai

Jab ek begunaah marta hai, toh uski maut ke saath saari insaaniyat ki bhi maut ho jaati hai

Darrne mein koi burai nahi hai, bas apne darr ko itna bada mat bana do, ke tumhe aage badne se rok le

Is duniya mein sirf do kism ke insaan hai, achche insaan joh achcha kaam karte hai aur bure joh bura