ZEE TV axes supernatural weekend series Aghori

Gaurav Chopra
Gaurav Chopra

According to reports, ZEE TV has decided to axe its recently launched supernatural series Aghori. Featuring popular television actor Gaurav Chopra in the lead role, the show premiered on 22nd June, 2019. However, despite being launched with much fanfare, the series failed to click with the audience. And now the news is coming in that the channel has decided to pull the weekend show down. 

Aghori, produced by Essel Vision Productions, narrates a love story between Advik, who is raised by aghoris, and Kamakashi, a girl who possesses several superpowers. Advik is assigned to kill Kamakshi, but destiny has other plans in store for them.


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Talking about the untimely end of Aghori, actor Gaurav Chopra said, “The biggest feeling is satisfaction. I have been around for long enough and seem this in a confident way that Aghori was not a regular TV show. That meant that more than usual effort was required, from the actors, technicians, everyone. From my side, the physicality required, the action sequences, the way I had to look was a challenge. Because I wasn’t getting enough sleep, not enough time to hit the gym and then I was picking up cars in the scenes, my character was uprooting trees, I have shot inside an actual lake at 4 am. All of that requires time and preparation, here there was no time. We had to make it look larger than the usual television material, the action and acting both were complicated to portray. All the scenes were tough. I don’t remember coming back home a single day thinking today was easy. Eventually, I got used to that. I must congratulate the channel for going forward with the conviction for however long.”

There is no update on which upcoming show will replace Aghori on its time slot on ZEE TV.