Karishma Chavda

A young scientist, whose life’s ambition is to help in the fight to find a cure for cancer, stepped out of the laboratory and put her running trainers on today to take park in a 5k charity run at Hyde Park to raise funds for Cancer Research UK. 

Karishma Chavda graduated with a BSc in Biomedical Science last year and she currently works in a pathology laboratory. Though her days are spent working on her long-term goal of being involved in the ‘testing of new ways to find a cure for cancer’, Karishma decided to go the extra yard and teamed-up with her friends and download the Cancer Research UK running app which outlines a training plan to get competitors in tip top condition to run the 5K race. The training paid off for Karishma as she completed the run today. 

Karishma and her friends ran the Cancer Research UK Race for Life 5k run.

“I’ve always wanted to take part in the run for cancer, making it one step closer to beating it one day,” said the 22-year-old Karishma. 

“It has always been a passion of mine to work in a research laboratory where they’re constantly testing to find a cure for cancer. It is a terrible disease that no one should have to face, but with these few donations I have received I would like to say a big thanks to all my friends and family, it will definitely help in making a difference for Cancer Research.” 

To donate to Cancer Research UK, please visit Karishma’s fundraising page at https://fundraise.cancerresearchuk.org/team/aceteam