Urvashi Rautela Interview: Hate Story IV is a gem in my filmography

Former beauty queen turned actress Urvashi Rautela is gearing up to scorch the silver screen with her intense and sensuous act in the forthcoming film, Hate Story IV. As the name suggests itself, the movie is the fourth installment of the highly successful erotica-thriller franchise, Hate Story, which has seen the release of three films so far. Rautela, who is known for her ravishing beauty and enchanting charm, plays a supermodel in Hate Story IV. Since the previous parts of the series have been good money spinners at the cash counter, expectations are riding high on the fourth installment. Before the movie hits the screen on 9th March, our Mumbai correspondent meets the gorgeous actress at T-Series office and tries to find out more about the film, the character Urvashi plays in it, how does she feel toplining a female-centric film and much more.

Can you tell us something about the character you play in Hate Story IV?

The character I am playing is called Tasha. She is a supermodel. What makes her different is that apart from being very strong, independent and fierce, she is also very soft and fragile. She is very vulnerable and this is her threshold.

To what extent do you relate with your character in the film?

It was very different for me, though the part of my character’s profession, that of the supermodel, is similar to my background. So that was something which was relatable. However, Hate Story IV is the journey of Tasha and her past experiences. The entire film is taken through what she feels, so it required a lot of background research and physical training as she is a supermodel and she is supposed to look a certain way, but mental training is also required. How she is and what her characteristics are… those things are completely different from what I am.

All the movies in the Hate Story franchise have been received very well by the audience. Was there any pressure to match up to the level of previous parts while doing Hate Story IV?

When I went to hear the script, I did not know that it was for Hate Story IV. I have not seen the other parts of the series like Hate Story 1, 2 and 3. But when I said ok to the film, I thought I should catch up with the franchise. But then I realized I should have a different and fresh approach to part IV as I wanted to bring something new to the table. That’s the reason I decided it is better not to watch the other parts and watch them later when the movie releases.

With Hate Story 4, you are entering a very different genre of the movies. Is there any other genre you would like to explore?

Right from my first film, I am really glad that the filmmakers chose me for different kind of roles. As an actor when you get a liberty to play a variety of roles it’s a great achievement and I want to keep doing different kind of roles and of different varieties.

Your last film Great Grand Masti didn’t do well at the box office, what do you think went wrong?

I think nothing went wrong with the film, it got leaked before the release, so that affected the box office result.

Coming from a modeling background, do you think Bollywood has welcomed you wholeheartedly?

I don’t know how the welcome happens wholeheartedly and all but, as an actor, you want to keep doing different kind of roles. There are directors I really want to work with, I want to keep doing something different, I want to keep creating something different, I want to keep giving something different to the industry like when I heard ‘Asahiq Banaya Aapne’, I thought I want to bring something else and then I heard of heel choreography done by Yanis Marshall in Hollywood and I thought why can’t we do this in Bollywood? That is how heels choreography came to ‘Aashiq Banaya Aapne’. Basically, you dance in pencil heels of five inches and you have to maintain your centre of gravity and your balance. I am really glad that people have loved it from across the world with more than 40 million views on YouTube.

What have you learned as an actor since you began your career?

As an actor, now I always think about what more I can bring to the table, what I can do with the scenes, with the characterization and all of that. I always make sure that I will give something extra.

Are you a director’s actor or do you have your own process?

Actually, I am a mix of both.

How does it feel to headline a female-centric film?

We filmed for two months in London, I have friends and family there but I don’t remember meeting any of them or having a chat with any of them, they were all complaining. In a female-centric film, a girl has a lot to do, so there is no day off, there is no liberty. I hardly had any breaks. In previous film (Great Grand Masti), I was working with a lot of senior actors so them being there I didn’t feel the pressure. No matter what the box office result may be, the blame will not come on me or something like that. Here, I am responsible. Being in a female-centric film I want to play a stronger role and I am glad I got the chance so early in my career. So Hate Story IV is a gem in my filmography.

As an actor, out of all the characters that you have portrayed so far, which one do you relate the most with?

Actually, a little bit of Urvashi is always there in all the films which I have done. Having said that, none of the characters have been like me, like how I am in real life. I am a very simple girl, no matter how I look from the outside, from the inside, I like simple things and life but I don’t think so that any of the characters that I have played so far are like me.

 Are there any other projects in the pipeline?

There are some, but it is too early to talk about them. Right now, my whole focus is on Hate Story IV.