UK lowers terror threat level from ‘severe’ to ‘substantial’

Home secretary Priti Patel
(Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images)
Home secretary Priti Patel (Photo by Peter Summers/Getty Images)

The UK government on Monday (4) announced a lowering of its terror threat level from “severe” to “substantial” for the first time in five years.

UK home secretary Priti Patel announced the scale-down, which means a terrorist attack is now likely as opposed to highly likely, after an independent analysis by the UK’s Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre after its biannual review.

She, however, urged the British public to remain vigilant as the threat from terrorism still remains.

“Despite the change in the threat level, terrorism remains one of the most direct and immediate risks to our National Security,” said Patel.

“Substantial” continues to indicate a high level of threat; and an attack might well occur without further warning. As ever, the public should remain vigilant and report any concerns they may have to the police,” she said.

The UK’s terrorism threat is now at its lowest since August 2014, with substantial the third of five ratings at which the threat levels can stand.

“Government, police and intelligence agencies will continue to work tirelessly to address the threat posed by terrorism in all its forms. The threat level is kept under constant review,” Patel added.