Top 5 mithai (sweets) to try this Diwali

Kaju Katli

Kaju Katlis are diamond shape barfi decorated with edible silver colouring. These cashew slices are made with ground cashews, sugar and cream and these are one of the most popular treats which can be made at home.


These ball shapes sweets are famous almost everywhere around the world. No festivals in India are celebrated without ladoos. They are made with wheat semolina, coconut and chickpea flour and cooked with ghee.

Goan Nevri

Nevri are quite similar to Gujjiya from Uttar Pradesh and Karanji from Maharashtra. It is stuffed with coconut and almonds.

Coconut Til Ladoos

The smallest numbers of ingredients are needed for the coconut til ladoos, which are coconut, sesame seeds and dates.

Soan Papdi

Soan papdi are common in the northern states of India. It it made out of chickpea flour, sugar and milk. Soan papdi is sometimes served with other mithai.