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Top 5 cafes in London

Elan Cafe

Elan café is one of the best cafes in London currently. It is located in two different locations, Park Lane and Brompton Road. If you are someone who loves girly stuffs then Elan café is for you. It is known for its pink surroundings of the beautiful floral wall, which attracts many customers throughout the day. It is best to book your table, if you want to sit near the floral wall as it is never free. Elan café serves cakes to food and drinks.

Saint Aymes

Saint Aymes is known as the most Instagrammable  place in London. Saint Aymes is located on Connaught St, London. Even though it was opened just this February, it has been featured in Silverspoon, Time Out and Pretty City London. This already makes this place sound interesting and a must to visit if you want to spend some time with your family and friends or celebrate any occasion. Like Elan Café, they also have a three flower walls and a beautiful entrance (don’t forget to take some pictures before you walk inside). However, what makes Saint Aymes different than any other cafes in London is that it gives you ‘a 24ct gold experience’. The lattes in their menu comes in pink and blue with 24ct gold on top, and their pyramid shape chocolates are a must to try.


Ladurée is a French luxury bakery which is known for their macaroons. There are many places which serve macaroons but they’re nothing like Ladurée macaroons. Ladurée is located in Harrods, Covent Garden, London Cornhill, Bicester, St Pancras, Burlington Arcade. Ladurée also serves breakfast and lunch as well as afternoon tea. They also do different pastries like Plaisir Sucre, Ispahan and Vanilla Flan.

Dominique Ansel bakery

Dominique Ansel bakery is located on Elizabeth Street Belgravia/Victoria London.  They offer different selection of sweet and savoury. Their signature warm chocolate chip cookie shaped shot glass, lined with chocolate and served with cold infused Tahitian vanilla milk, is probably something that many people have never seen, which makes many people visit this place. This bakery is a great place to come for breakfast or brunch as they have a quaint enclosed garden.

Peggy Porschen Cakes Ltd

Peggy Porschen Cakes mainly focus and specialise on cakes as you can tell by its name. They opened in 2010 in London’s Belgravia. It is headed by an award winning cake designer, author and Creative Director Peggy Porschen. They serve freshly baked cookies, cakes and layer cakes as well as their own special blended selection of teas, which were founded in Peggy’s kitchen. Peggy Porschen is also another Instagrammable  place, which is loved by many bloggers.