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The old and the young

OPINION: Sadhguru

HOW BOTH GROUPS CAN LIVE IN HARMONY WITHOUT CLASHING QUESTION: The older genera­tion and the younger genera­tion seem at odds today. How do we make sure that the expe­rience of age and energy of youth work together? Sadhguru: They have always been at odds, not just today. The real problem is, the older gener­ation does not think it is old; the younger generation thinks it is old enough. Essentially, some­one is occupying the space you want to occupy. It is not just among human beings. If you have observed wild ani­mals, especially among ele­phants, you will sometimes see a young bull elephant rampaging all over the place, angry, pulling everything out, because he had a fight with the bigger male in the herd. That guy is not vacating his space, so this guy tries to fight. But he doesn’t have the strength yet, so he freaks – adolescence! This is why, in Indian culture, we created what is called var­nashrama dharma. That means from zero to 12 years of age, it is balavastha or childhood – you just play, and the body and brain should grow. From 12 to 24 is brahmacharya – time to bring discipline into your body and mind, and develop your energies so you are a powerful being. At 24, if you see through life as you are and you do not have to go through everything, you become a sanyasi. Otherwise, you be­come a householder and get mar­ried. If you get married at 24, after two solar cycles or 24 years, you are 48. That means your children are getting to that age where they are like the young bulls, they want you to go but they cannot say it. So, at 48, the couple took san­yas and went different ways. The husband went into one…

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