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Shivani Gossain
Shivani Gossain


A PROLIFIC career has seen talented Indian actress Shivani Gosain star in a string of successful drama serials. The hardworking small screen star is currently playing a challenging role in smash hit TV serial Naagin 5 and showing off her versatility once again.

Eastern Eye caught up with Shivani to talk about acting, working during Covid-19 and future hopes.

What first connected you to acting?
It was just meant to be. I was in school and someone came to me to participate in some health-related show for exercises and yoga as I was into sports. After that, one thing led to another. I did T-Series music albums and then became an actor accidentally.

Which of your roles is closest to your heart?
I have a couple of favourites like Pammi Kohli of Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki and Sunanda from Saraswatichandra, but I am still waiting for that special one.

Who has been the most memorable person you have worked with?
Not one, but so many. I can write a mini-book on the memorable people I have worked with. Every show and each set gifted me with strong bonds and special friendships. They all are close to my heart and have a special place in my life.

What is it like being an actor during the time of Covid-19?
I feel like a warrior shooting in this pandemic time. While shooting, it’s not possible to do a lot of things, which I was strictly following before shoot. But I am taking extra care of my health, immunity and hygiene.

What is the plan going ahead?
I want to do a good web series now and explore more as an artist. Television has limitations and can bind you to a typical image, and because of that I feel work satisfaction is missing. So, I want to experience various new characters.

What would be your dream role?
I want to play a strong cop. Since childhood, I dreamt of becoming an IPS officer like Kiren Bedi. I want to do rough and tough roles. I got a chance to perform as a policewoman in a couple of episodes, but I am hungry for more action.

What do you enjoy watching as an audience?
I love watching comedy, romance, emotional and sensible concepts. In lockdown, I was hooked to Netflix series The 100, Money Heist and Sense 8.

If you could master something new what would it be?
I want to master dance. I enjoy dancing, but never learned any particular form. I want to learn guitar also.

What inspires you?
Never giving up, the spirit of my parents and the challenges of daily life.

Why do you love being an actor?
It gives me the opportunity to live so many lives by performing different characters. It gives me my identity and an opportunity to meet so many people from different places, cultures and classes. It enables me to learn and understand life, as well as people better.

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