Known for shows like Dill Mill Gayye, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai and many more, talented television actor Sehban Azim started off his journey in showbiz with films like Stations and Goodbye Trip.

His second film, however, could not see the light of the day due to various reasons, but the first one went on to win big at several film festivals. Despite trying his best, Khan’s movie career could not take off properly. But the actor remained undeterred and went on to try his luck in television.

In a quest to explore his creative streak, he did several shows and cemented his position as a competent artist who can pull off any role with consummate ease. In a candid conversation with Eastern Eye, Sehban Azim speaks at length about his struggling days and how he broke on to the television scene. Read on…

Could you please tell us something about your upcoming show, Adhura Alvida?

It’s yet not confirmed whether the show is happening or not or I will do it or not. It’s half news. I am still in talks with the channel for the same. Nothing is confirmed as of now. Let’s see how it goes. The producers have shot for a pitch for the channel. Things are going on.

Do you mean to say that there won’t be any show titled Adhura Alvida or it will be called something else?

There might be a show like that. The channel and the producers are in talks. So, they are still figuring out. That is the basis process. I cannot tell you exactly what is happening. It’s in a very initial stage to tell you anything about that.

Tell us something about your beginning in the entertainment field. What made you realize that acting was your path?

I am an engineer. After doing a job for a few months, I started looking for opportunities in acting because I had realized that I couldn’t spend my whole life doing a 9 AM to 5 PM job. So, my second option was, of course, acting because I had some inclination towards it and modelling. So, first I started doing modelling. I thought, ‘Why not give it a try? Let me start something.’ I started in Delhi with a few print ads and all.

It was then you decided to come to Mumbai, right?

I was planning to come to Mumbai anyway. Very soon I was in the city. I gave up my job and started auditioning. Then I got some print campaigns. I did print ads and campaigns for brands like TVS scooter, TVS Victor, Indigo Nation, and many more.

You have done some films in the initial years of your career. Please, tell us something about that, too.

After doing many ads boredom started to creep in. I wanted to explore myself and then I thought let me shift towards acting. I started auditioning for films and short films. One day, I got selected for a short film for FTII. It was named Station. The director of the film had come from Pune, searching for a person who could fit the role and was appropriate for it. He cast me for the film. I went to Pune and the whole shoot took almost a month to complete. I learned a lot of things from there. It was indeed a great experience working with the whole team.

How did TV happen for you?

After Station, I did another film titled Goodbye Trip. The film was shot in Thailand and we had a lot of actors there. There were ten girls and then guys in the movie. We all stayed in Thailand for two months and shot the whole film. Before starting the film, we made sure we educated ourselves properly about the subject. It was an experimental film. We did a lot of acting workshops for two-three months in Mumbai which helped us a lot. It was only after that we got into real acting in Thailand. We shot the film and then came here. We edited, dubbed for the film, and indulged in some patchwork, etc. But somehow the film did not work out. I thought I needed a change and needed to do something.

Then there was another film called Chausat Panne which I was working on. Unfortunately, that film, too, didn’t work out because the producer had to take out his money from the project. My career was completely in a mess and everything was going haywire. I was in a fix for a while as I was unable to cope up with it. I was not able to make it to films despite trying my best. I was working hard but there was no money. That’s when I thought why shouldn’t I try out in television. People were calling me frantically for many television serials. I just thought of giving it a try. I was getting calls from Star One at that time. They were casting for Dill Mill Gayye and that’s how my journey began in television.

Are you enjoying your television journey?

Absolutely! I feel satisfied with what I have done on television so far.

If not an actor which profession would you occupy?

As I said that I am an engineer. So, I would do something in that field maybe.

What do you work toward in your free time?

I am a very calm, composed and spiritual person. I don’t like to go out much and idle away my time. So, whenever I get some free time, I read books. I have just started gymming also. So, I devote some time to workouts as well.

Who is your celebrity crush?

Gal Gadot. She was amazing in Wonder Woman.

If given a chance to star in the remake of any classic Bollywood film, which film and role would you pick up?

I would love to play evergreen actor Dev Anand in the remake of Guide. And if someone remakes Pyaasa, I would like to play Guru Dutt in it.