Restaurant boss killed under the wheels of his own Mercedes in ‘parking row with another driver’. (Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images).

A restaurant boss found dead under the wheels of his own Mercedes car was involved in a parking row with another driver.

Manmeet Singh, the owner of Passage to India in Heston, was killed on Saturday night following a fight with two men over where he had parked his car.

The 44-year-old had parked his car in an alleyway behind his restaurant and this had blocked in another vehicle. The owners of the vehicle had stormed into the restaurant demanding Singh move his car.

Singh left 10 minutes later as he was busy in the kitchen. Staff heard screaming and a waitress found the father-of-two lying underneath his own car.

Singh was pronounced dead at the scene.

His cousin, Rocky Sapra, said the victim’s wife had been left “distraught”.

“As far as I know it wasn’t anything personal,” Sapra was quoted as saying. “His car was parked at the back and these people wanted access. They came back a couple of times. It was all over a parking place — it makes no sense to destroy a family over that.”

Paying tribute to his cousin, Sapra said: “We used to be business partners but I had to give up work when my wife passed away of cancer. He always supported me, I am so grateful to him.”

A man who was arrested on suspicion of murder has been bailed.