Reasons to prefer Used Cars over New Cars

Every individual wants to own a car as a status symbol. Buying a car and managing your finances well is a difficult task. While buying a car, there are various choices available with the buyer, which model of the car to buy, whether he/she should by a new car or buy an old car. This important decision can have a great impact on your finances.

The new car gets an overpriced sticker on it, various amount of costs, depreciation and the cost of EMIs which makes it an expensive choice. On the other hand, used car helps in eliminating the various irrelevant costs and less amount of depreciation will be borne by the owner. One can easily SELL USED CAR DUBAI, as there is so much of craze among the people to own a car and have a feel of luxury.

Various advantages of buying an old car are as follows:

  • Less depreciation and lower price tag:New car loses a large amount in its value just after driving it off the showroom. The original buyer would lose that amount as a depreciation where as the second buyer can save the same amount. You can buy a used luxury car for much lesser amount.
  • Saving amount of sales tax:Buying a new car attracts sales tax, where as buying an old car whether from a dealer or the original owner helps in saving the amount of sales tax. You should not underestimate the small amount of savings.
  • Lower registration fees:Registration fees on a new car is more as compared to used car. The amount of registration fees falls after the 3 years and then levels off after 5 years.
  • Add-on features for zero cost:New car buyers get add-ons for a lesser cost from the after- market, as car dealers charge heavy for these. But these add-ons do not add any value at the time of resale of car. While buying used car you get these add-ons without paying any extra amount. Some extra add-ons that you want in your car, you can get them added in used car at lower price.
  • Negotiable:You cannot negotiate much with the dealers selling new cars, they add a lot of fees and charges. There is a large negotiation available with the used car owners or dealers selling used cars, they do not add any irrelevant costs and fees, as charged while buying new cars.
  • Condition:You can get used car in perfect shape from the pre-owned certified used cars and from manufacturer’s dealership, as they have inspected the vehicle and have fixed all the problems of the car and made it scratch free. They also offer you with extended warranties which further insure you against any mechanical problems you may face in future.

All the above benefits you can get by buying a used car and can save your hard-earned money by eliminating the heavy registration fees. There is availability of BEST USED CARS FOR SALE IN DUBAI which can help you in saving your money.