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Prince’s Trust launches partnership with US embassy exchange programme

Harris Bokhari
Harris Bokhari

The Mosaic Initiative at The Prince’s Trust on Thursday (14) announced a partnership with US embassy exchange programme to inspire young people from some of the most deprived areas to fulfil their potential.

The partnership will see UK alumni of the International Visitor Leadership Programme (IVLP) support the Mosaic Initiative’s aims to connect young people to positive relatable role model mentors.

This will be by mentoring on a programme across an academic year or term, hosting a World of Work visit allowing young people go into their place of work to see what opportunities are available in that area and field, or by giving up one hour of their time in a school as an inspirational speaker.

US ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson

Speaking at the event US ambassador to the UK, Woody Johnson, said: “Every year, the US Embassy exchange programme invests in some of the most exceptional and driven individuals in Britain. When they return home from America, participants are often incredibly motivated to pay the opportunity forward and really make a difference.

“We are determined to help them do that, which is why we are proud to team up with The Prince’s Trust in an exciting new partnership which will get U.S. exchange alumni mentoring the next generation of British talent.”

Harris Bokhari, National Mosaic Board Member and IVLP alumni, stressed the need for young people to have positive role models.

He said: “Positive aspirations are crucial for young people’s future success. Mosaic is proud to have the support of the IVLP alumni in helping us to inspire the next generation. Together, we can help even more young people to bridge the aspirations-attainment gap and empower them to achieve greatness.”

Initiatives like the Mosaic mentoring programmes are crucial to level the playing field for young people from hard-to-reach areas or marginalised backgrounds. This new partnership is expected to add greater diversity in mentor representation and connect young people to inspirational and progressive future leaders from different backgrounds and professions.

“We increasingly find that what our young people find ‘relatable’ is as diverse as the young people we work with themselves,” said Nizam Uddin, senior head of Mosaic at The Price’s Trust.

“With the incredible support from the IVLP we’re excited to connect and give our young people access to some of the most inspiring current and future leaders from around the world. An absolutely invaluable opportunity for so many.”