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Perfect gaming with the Valorant Hacks Now

By: Eastern Eye Staff

Once you have thoroughly toured your landing zone and are equipped, you will have to think about planning your rotations in order to stay one step ahead of the gas and the teams looking to take advantage of it.

Valorant: Modern Valorant Activision

Usually you can start planning your rotation once you have decided on where to land, but you never know, your plans are likely to change depending on what happens. The most important thing is to decide how to move to the next circle without having your hand forced by the gas. Good to know, switching to an SMG will allow you to run faster, which can come in handy in many situations.

As for which areas to choose, as a general rule, players like high areas that can be more easily defended but you can also choose to move along the edge of the circle with gas to limit the chances of getting hit. Either way, the main goal is to think about it far enough in advances so that you can control your own destiny and not depend on the choices of your opponents. The valorant hacks happen to be useful there.


It cannot be said enough, communication is the key to success in team games. If you’ve ever ventured into Valorant streams, you’ve no doubt seen that their communications are fast and efficient. Yours should be too. By communicating your intentions you can coordinate easily and by pooling your loot you can make it difficult for other squads. These are easy ways to put the odds in your favor, but players don’t always think about them. Likewise, don’t forget to use the ping system, which in many situations will be your best friend.

Don’t spare your efforts

Obviously the most obvious trick is to practice, practice, and practice. You should therefore view each of your parts as an opportunity to learn and improve.

Infinity ward

Whether it’s trying out mobility mechanisms, practicing mastering the recoil and range of each weapon, in every game you have to make conscious efforts to improve. As for your love, the Gulag is your best friend. With this multitude of duels to the death, over time your reactions and accuracy should improve.

Honorable mention: do your homework

Even without playing, you can improve yourself. No need to point out those browsing guides is useful, but it should be noted that watching streamers is often the easiest way to learn. This familiarizes you with certain mechanics but also to observe different styles of play and to benefit from their knowledge. Available since March, Valorant: Valorant has already drawn millions of players to its servers. Here are some tips for winning as many games as possible.

Start at the beginning

Even if it is a Valorant is approached differently from a so-called “classic” episode. If we’re still dealing with a first-person shooter, the Battle Royale dimension is a game-changer. So, even if you are used to the saga, lean into practice mode before rushing into the arena. In addition to serving as a reminder in terms of gameplay, this tutorial allows you to become familiar with the side quests (contracts) to be carried out during the games. Also, you will quickly learn that it is necessary to play as a team to survive.

Everything for the team

If Fortnite is all about individual performance, valorant: Valorant opts instead for teamwork. On the battlefield, three teams of 50 players each compete against each other. Rather than rushing into the crowd without thinking, we recommend that you stay close to your teammates. Without being glued to these, you have the opportunity to evolve as a team and crisscross the field.  It is possible to monitor the surrounding threats and to put in place real strategies. In addition, your partners will still be able to heal you if you are in danger. Once in the gulag, the area where players land after they die, consider giving directions to your comrades during one-on-one battles.

Understand the map

For long term survival, it is necessary to know the playing area well. It will be necessary to chain the games for that. However, a few simple actions can simplify your life from the start. To play, wearing a headset is essential. You need to be able for hearing all the noises (gunshots, windows smashing, players running) and take the necessary measures. Do not hesitate to take cover regularly, because running too long in a straight line is often synonymous with premature death.

Armament is important

It is obvious, but you also need to constantly monitor your arsenal in Valorant: Valorant. The game has its own power rating white for the most common and orange for the legendary. So always choose the best. It is essential that you do not always go into battle with your head down. Instead, search the map to find chests that contain rewards. These can turn a confrontation in your favor. Finally, vehicles must also be used wisely. If five types are accessible, each has its qualities and its weaknesses (trucks are destructive, but slow, basic vehicles are discreet, but not very resistant). It is therefore necessary to choose in soul and conscience according to the danger which surrounds you.

Valorant is coming to Xbox and PS4

Valorant’s Battle Royale mode has finally arrived and brings a new lease of life to the genre, in addition to offering a free Valorant experience on consoles for the first time. What is Valorant? You will find all the answer of these questions in online guide, with tips for getting started in Valorant, even as a beginner.

Like Fortnite, PUBG or Apex Legends, Valorant is a Battle Royale type game. This very popular game mode for two years has offered around a hundred players to be parachuted onto a map in order to compete. The more time goes on, the more the combat zone shrinks. Valorant takes the main principles of a Battle Royale mode but also brings significant new features that spice up the games.

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