My top 10 reasons for happiness – Priti Sinha

Family: A major reason for my happiness is the presence and constant support I receive from my family everyday. This helps me manage my work with my life at home, helping me better act as a representative for my country while engaging with charitable organisations.

Goals: I find that taking small steps everyday towards my personal goals keeps me happy and helps to bring me closer to achieving my charitable goals. I try to emphasise the importance of empowering women in everyday society, ensuring they can achieve their best self.

Cooking: I am extremely grateful to have inherited the gift of cooking from my mother, and it is a great feeling when I can share it with the rest of my family. I also aspire to create my own collection of recipes online or through a publisher in the future.

Exercise: Working out daily not only helps me physically, but also allows me to maintain a peaceful mindset. I participate in activities such as meditation and yoga whenever I get the chance to do so. I want to spread awareness of the importance of physical activity in a busy lifestyle through sharing my routine with family and friends.

Self-presentation: I strive to maintain my high standards of aesthetics while presenting myself in public, during events and gatherings. I find that this also allows me to be further satisfied with myself on a day-to-day basis.

Home: Like my mind and body, I always ensure that my house is kept in its best possible state at all times. I take keen interest in interior decoration and design, while taking inspiration from online sources, as well as my own friends and family.

Interests: Among my plethora of hobbies, gardening is one that I am very passionate about. It not only helps maintain a lively aesthetic in my house, but also helps keep me engaged in the environment, as well as being very therapeutic.

Fashion: Expressing myself everyday through a wide ensemble of clothing and accessories helps me engage in the world of fashion. This enables me to develop my current tastes, as well as form new styles. I aspire to share my opinions and understanding of fashion trends online through blogging, in addition to discussing them daily with my friends.

Charity: I find it fulfilling to give back to my own community through volunteering and charity. I believe that each one of us can make a global difference as long as we dedicate enough time and effort to our cause.

Mentorship: I aspire to educate the youth on topics that I have a detailed understanding of. I find that it is important to have a mentor in your passion when you are young, and I plan to use social media as a platform to help and teach others.

Priti Sinha is a model, businesswoman and former actress, who recently represented the UK at Mrs Classic Universe beauty pageant in Sofia, Bulgaria. She is also a humanitarian who has supported several charities, including the Great Ormond Street Hospital. Instagram: @pritis0311