My Pod with Luv Randhawa

Singer Luv Randhawa has been on the bhangra scene since 2002 and released his latest single Rog Ishq last month.

The song accompanied by an eye-catching music video blended a number of diverse influences. Eastern Eye got Luv to select 10 songs he loves. “I love so many tracks including everything by Jazzy B and Gurdas Maan. Here are some other tracks I love,” said Luv.

Dowain Jaaniya by Heera: The living legends brought in a new sound to the UK, including this track with music by the famous Deepak Khazanchi. Every dance floor still plays this track and has everyone jumping. Original bhangra rock stars. Next level.

Bhabiye Ni Bhabiye by Alaap: Channi Singh, the godfather of bhangra in the UK, delivered many gems including this track. The man with a soulful voice truly exemplifies talent in my eyes.

Gur Nalon Ishq Mitha by Malkit Singh: This evergreen classic from Malkit paajee is one of the main tracks I used to learn bhangra to. This track surely, gets me moving. It has simplicity in the music, but real power in the vocals.

Gidhian Di Rani by AS Kang: No list is complete without the mighty Kang Saab. A true legend. When you hear that musical piece, your shoulders begin to move and you start to bounce.

Puth Sardaran De by The Safri Boys: Balwinder Safri delivered so many hits, but this one was really special. The man with the voice of bhangra delivered something that was new age at the time and made it so hip to be a desi. This filled the dance floors like no other song.

Boliyan by KS Bhamra: No one can deliver Boliyan like the legend, who made my youth complete with his hit songs. He has a powerhouse voice. My shoulders are already moving thinking of his track.

Soni Lagdi by Sukhshinder Shinda Ft. HMC: The musical genius incorporated hip hop beats and Punjabi-speed rap into bhangra first in a great way. Shinda did take the industry by storm when he dropped the album this track was featured on.

Bhangre by Signia: This will be special as it was the first ever track I sang. It was such a learning curve, but, wow! what an experience. Our video hit number one for six weeks on MTV Asia. What a time for the West Coast bhangra fusion seen. It was so wicked to be the first to do this sound in North America.

Mera Laung Gawacha by Bally Sagoo: This track brought a global change and took Asian music to the masses. I remember my friends of all cultures loving this track and saying it was so cool when it came out. Most learned about the beauty of bhangra, thanks to this.

Rog Ishq by Luv Randhawa: My latest single has been a dream project. It is a song with deep lyrics and meaning. Please check it out on YouTube. You will definitely know what I mean.