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My Pod with Farhood

LIVERPOOL-BASED rapper Farhood fled his home country of Iran after facing persecution due to political activism. Now an emerging talent in the UK, he appeared at M.I.A’s Meltdown at Southbank Centre and shared 10 music releases that have inspired him.

Parchin by Safir: The Tehran-based Iranian rapper works with a talented producer called Dehghan. Parchin is his most recent track with strong lyrics about the movement of Iranian rappers. The way he describes his life gives me insight into his story and my own.

Refugee by Nadia Tehran: The music video being filmed by her father in Iran makes this track really poignant for me. Not only does she offer a massive “f*ck you” to western respectability and politics of immigration, but also manages to undermine the stereotypes of Iran.

Before Lovers by Dialect: Liverpool-based artist Dialect, aka Andrew Hunt, recently released his new album Loose Blooms. The whole album is great but Before Lovers is my favourite track and it is often on repeat.

Touch Absence by Lanark Artefax: My friend Ling introduced me to Lanark’s music and I can’t describe how much I like his music and videos. He’s a Scottish producer who will play live for the first time at Unsound Festival and I’m looking forward to being there.

SE16 by Flohio: This tracked released by London rapper Flohio over a year ago with God Colony is a banger. I had the chance to play live with her and have to say she has a strong character.

 Bikeshvar by Tardast: Bikeshvar means stateless and the Iranian MC based in Birmingham released this album after moving to the UK. The album was produced by his friend in Tehran and carries strong lyrics about how a teenager feels about migration. You’ll love him if you understand Farsi.

Bebim by Sevdaliza: This Iranian-Dutch singer released her first track in Farsi after Trump’s Muslim ban and every time I listen to it I get lost in her world.

O Superman by Laurie Anderson: I will never forget the night my housemate Ben played this in the living room. I took it to my room and listened in my own personal space. The story behind the track is powerful.

Nights by Frank Ocean: I feel very proud to say Blond is one of the best albums I have ever heard. I love the atmosphere in Nights and how everything changes in the track is beautiful and amazing. There is something about this beautiful track,that I can’t explain.

Eshtebahe Khoob by Bahram: There is a lot to say about Bahram and how important he is to my generation in Iran because he has been in prison there because of his art and had to leave the country. Eshtebahe Khoob is very important for me. This album was the greatest help at a time I was battling depression.