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‘Music has the power to influence one’s thoughts’

A new generation of artists is expanding the musical horizons in India and bringing something new to a rapidly-growing scene that is becoming more innovative. Hailing from Gurgaon in India, one of the loud voices is a unique artist named Nivid, who has been described as a ferocious industrial rock musician and a musical embodiment of anger. Nivid is composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Aditya Virmani, who is a one-man project when producing songs and then teaming up with Devasheesh Sharma (guitar) and Nihar Apte (bass) for explosive live performances. Inspired, in particular, by Nine Inch Nails, Nivid recently released the song The World Around Me (Infinite Support)|Sanskaari, which is a musical melting pot of sounds combined with a strong social message. Eastern Eye caught up with Aditya to talk about his sound, unique influences and musical message. What first connected you to music? Listening to Born In The USA by (Bruce) Springsteen and News Of The World by Queen on repeat are the earliest memories of being hooked to music. Somewhere Dark Side Of The Moon by Pink Floyd happened, which helped have an impact on how I perceived sound and music. What led you towards your musical sound? Distortion was hugely responsible as a sonic effect to draw me towards writing the kind of music I do and the music I listen to. Where does the name Nivid comes from? Nivid is a Sanskrit word, which means information. It also means to deliver or to give. Tell us about your recent song release? The World Around Me (Infinite Support)|Sanskaari is about an ideal Indian. It is about a ‘virtuous’ man who aims to change the world through his beliefs and by instilling them into others through influence, force, coercion or guilt. It features an intense kick-drum pattern and the third verse where the guitars go out briefly serve as highlights of the track. The music video for it was shot in San Francisco at the Clarion Alley Mural Project by Kerry Porter from Frontman Media, and features some cool glitch effects. What can we expect next from you? We have more material than we’ve written. We’d love to present that and would like to perform it for people to watch. How important is it for you to put a message in your songs? It is vital to tell a story. It is equally important to leave cryptic information both lyrically, through the use of language, and musically. It is best done when it isn’t too obvious. Tell us, which issues do you feel most strongly about? Artistic liberty and giving artists absolute freedom of speech along with an environment and opportunity for them to present their work! Do you think music has the power to make a change? Music has the power to influence one’s thoughts, for sure. It has a great power to deliver information. And it can make people aware of the world they live in. That could possibly lead to change. Which artists or band have inspired you most? Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails (NIN) and the entire NIN family for their work and fearless experimentation over the years, and maintaining integrity. Archive has been a big influence. Game composers Mick Gordon and Jesper Kyd. A bunch of Indian composers such as Nitin Sawhney and Sandeep Chowta. The list is quite extensive, actually. Who else is on the list? (David) Bowie and (Frank) Zappa. Bands such as U2, Tool and Deftones. A lot of post-rock bands, including some important ones like 65daysofstatic and Maybeshewill. Massive Attack, Portishead, The Knife, Gusgus and some of Aphex Twin’s work. I was inspired by Skyharbor and followed them till Guiding Lights. I really like Fuzzculture from India and some of Shaair and Func’s records. Filter has been a great influence too. A lot of obscure classical music from India and I find jewels on All India Radio. But it’s mostly straight out Nine Inch Nails. What is the plan for the rest of the year? To put out the rest of the material, find some good scoring projects on the side, assemble a band, tour and perform. Easier said than done! How much does performing live mean to you? Playing live is the final stage after being able to put out material and content; to get it out and promote it in front of everyone. It is quite important and I find it exciting to be able to do the same. The feeling of being on stage in front of people who appreciate your music is unparalleled. What has been the most memorable concert? Playing in front of a bunch of people in Jaisalmer in Rajasthan in the middle of the vast Indian desert at night was quite an experience. Who would you love to collaborate with? Trent (Reznor) and Atticus (Ross). Those sessions would help me further better my craft and would get me to meet and spend time with my heroes creating art. What music dominates your playlist? NIN, Archive, a bunch of 1990s music, Manson, John Wick soundtracks, some Garhwali music and Periphery III. Some classical music from India now that I am using the All India Radio app. Filter, 3teeth and some Scarlxrd, Ghostemane, Shingo Nakamura and Tujiko Noriko. What are your big passions away from music? I love driving in the country and am an off-road enthusiast. Video games and technology are something that I keep looking out for. What is your biggest musical motivation? To innovate and to expand the ‘box’! Why do you love music? Because, I can’t touch it! It’s intangible. It touches me and it’s something that comes out of me. Facebook & Instagram: @nividofficial and

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