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Marvellous Mimmi and music with a meaning

Personal Journey: Ritviz



There is impressive momentum behind multi-talented music star Ritviz.

He has followed up having the songs Sage, Thandi Hawa and Aavegi featured on globally successful Disney serial Ms Marvel with his newly released debut album Mimmi, which is a gripping nine-track ode to his mother. Having inherited a natural talent from his musician parents, the Indian singer, songwriter, record producer and DJ also embarked on a seven-city tour of the US this month.

With big collaborations, over a billion Spotify streams, more than 354,000 Instagram followers and a rapidly growing number of live dates, the self-made 26-year-old has become one to watch and was happy to discuss his impact with Eastern Eye.

He also discussed his new album, Ms Marvel tracks, and future hopes.

You have released a lot of popular songs and great music at a young age. How do you reflect on your journey?
I constantly do it. How do I do it? I think in real time, while I’m living the moment. Some sort of an astral projection takes place, where I view myself in a third person and see what is going on. I am alw­ays questioning myself, if I am even living in the mom­ent and keep
analysing what is going on with me. That applies in my personal and professional life. There is constant and consistent reflection. I introspect a lot.

What has been your most memorable moment?
I have had a couple. But the first is when I sat down to write a song – I have a very blurry recollection, which is not a memory but the feeling of creating. That familiar feeling is still there, and I count on it a lot even today when I write a song. As long as I have that while creating, I am on the right track, and it is a euphoric feeling. My world becomes right and very hopeful, and I have an anything is possible kind of feeling in my heart, when I am writing a song or creating.

How did you feel having your songs featured in Ms Marvel?
It’s such a big flex to talk about the fact your boy made it to the Marvel cinematic universe. But more than that, I think it is cool to be part of a big epic soundtrack and represent south Asian artists on a global scale.


What made you name your new album Mimmi?
It’s my mother’s nickname. I owe it to her, so have called it Mimmi.

Tell us about your new album Mimmi?
The album is dedicated to my mother. The journey of this album is basically a parallel
between the adult me and childhood me. The love I received as a kid – the unconditional love of my parents – versus the love I am facing in the world as an adult, which is very conditional in nature. So, the journey of this album is me trying to find unconditional love in this world.

How have you applied that aspect in the album?
As I move track by track in this album, my realisation sets in a place where I am expecting love, which defeats the purpose of being unconditional. Thus the album’s big finale song is me realising that I have to be myself and give my 100 per cent and be unconditional in order to maybe have that in return (or not). But the return shouldn’t matter, and it should be me just giving and being unconditional.

Who are you hoping connects with these songs?
I honestly feel that people are not in touch with themselves and their emotions. So, if these songs evoke any sort of feeling or pushes them to get in touch with themselves, that would be amazing for me.

Do you have a favourite track?
My favourite track is the title track because maa joins me on it, and it’s a special feeling as we are both on there.

What did you mean when you said that the album is your most personal piece of work?
I think it is the most personal for me because of the theme/topic I am dealing with. It’s my childhood, right? I think a lot of our adult life is shaped by our childhood, so these answers I am looking for in my childhood make the album really personal.

How much are you looking forward to touring the US?
I am really excited about touring the States. It’s going to be a fun seven to 10 days. I’m just excited to perform. This will be unique because it will be a mix of shows I have played in India and what I’m planning for the tour, and the new album. So, it will be kind of like Ritviz 1.0 and 2.0, all together.

What about touring the UK?
I would love to bring my music to the UK. We just played a show in London, but I can’t wait for round two to happen soon.

What is the plan going forward?
This career has been built around what I am going through, at all times. My team also realises that. This music journey is just a reflection of my life. So, I don’t know what’s happening because I don’t know what’s going to happen in my personal life. We set goals for sure, but mostly, it’s all centred on things a 26-year-old me goes through.

An artist you want to collaborate with…
AR Rahman.

What inspires you?
Everything inspires me. My day-to-day life helps me write my music. Whatever I pour into my personal life, my profession is a reflection of that.

What does music mean to you today?
Music is an expression for me. It’s a reflection of my life and I see it as that. I think music is just about me being myself, true to myself and honest. Music is a product of that.

Instagram: @vizDumb, Facebook: @ritvizmusic and Twitter: @Ritviz

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