Katrina Kaif on fitness: Everything boils down to discipline

Katrina Kaif is one of the leading actresses in Bollywood. She is a fitness freak who is always conscious about her physical health. During an interaction with a leading Indian daily, the actor spoke about her gym routines, physical fitness and the fact that she sometimes dislikes her body.

Katrina said, “I feel when it comes to my gym routines or sheer fitness, it’s all got to do with a certain amount of discipline. It’s not just about how you look physically. Like every woman, we all have days when we like our bodies, and days when we don’t. All of us have our body issues, so there are good days, bad days.”

“Ultimately, everything boils down to discipline. It includes my gym routines, such as Pilates, functional training, yoga, cardio, dance or fitness training for Tiger Zinda Hai. I think it’s also good for my mind to be a little disciplined and to teach the body that a little bit of self-restraint is good. So, it’s like a routine, but also a big stress buster”, added the actress.

She also mentioned that she loves being in the gym. The actress said, “It’s where I feel good, as exercise helps release endorphins, so you feel nice and happy. I’ve accepted that going to the gym is good for me. So, I want to have a physically active and strong body, but feel better as well.”

Adding further, she stated, “When it comes to fitness, you must do whatever makes you feel happy and best about yourself.”