India a decisive partner in furthering success of UK, says Sajid Javid

INDIA post-Brexit will be a decisive partner in furthering the joint success of the UK and India, said home secretary Sajid Javid at a special dinner hosted by the Conservative Friends of India (CF India) on Wednesday (8).

Highlighting the importance of access to the UK for India, Javid said last year the total number of skilled visas issued to workers from India was greater than those issued to the rest of world. There was also a 35 per cent increase in student numbers from India.

The new visa system post Brexit will assist further in welcoming India’s brightest and best, he added.

The home secretary also paid tribute to the history of the relationship between the two countries and said “that the relationship and friendship had stood the test of time and both countries stand on firm foundations which together will build a shared future.”

Indian high commissioner Ruchi Ghanashyam praised the Indian diaspora in Britain for working towards the betterment of both countries.

She said, “We have a living bridge which connects both countries, the diaspora in Britain brings benefits and benefits both countries.”

Dr Rami Ranger CBE, co-chairman of CF India and deputy treasurer of the Conservative party, praised Javid for increasing the party’s visibility among Asians.

“His hard work and dedication has greatly increased the interest of Asians in the Conservative Party and as a result, the Party has become stronger and Britain richer,” he said.

CF India promotes closer ties between Britain’s ruling Conservative party and India.

The event also unveiled the CF India’s new patrons — Tory MPs Ian Duncan Smith, Paul Scully and Nusrat Ghani.