HARSHVARDHAN RANE ON HIS ACTING JOURNEY, UPCOMING FILM TAISH AND EXPERIENCE OF SHOOTING IN THE UK by ASJAD NAZIR The UK has always been a hotbed for Bollywood and one of the most interesting films currently being shot across England is Taish. Dashing actor Harshvardhan Rane has been shooting for the revenge drama directed by Bejoy Nambiar and is enjoying perhaps the most challenging role of his career. The hardworking actor was feeling confident when I caught up with him to talk about Taish, his acting journey and hopes for the future. How do you look back on your journey as an actor? When I look back, the one thing that has clearly helped me is a quote by Woody Allen, “One should just show up”. I’ve read this late, but what really helped is that I have showed up at the right time and place. I always believe in getting up, going and showing up. When you show up there is a possibility of things happening. If you’re in your house, that possibility is nil. Even if the chances are less, there is some chance when you show up. In retrospect, this has helped me. Is finding great roles the biggest challenge? Finding a director who believes in you is what really excites me because I think films and cinema are a director’s medium. If a director believes in you, you don’t have to worry about anything. You have to just surrender and give all that you have. Give everything honestly and the rest will be taken care of. Tell us about your forthcoming project Taish? Taish is a revenge drama. It means rage. The way I see it, rage comes after anger. Rage comes after hurt. Hurt comes mostly after expectations. Expectations come after dreams. Dreams come from what you crave as a child. That’s how I view the film. When I look at my role, I look at a boy who wanted something and he gives into rage. I love this film, if not more then, at least as much as the director does. I am in love with the script. It’s one of my favourite scripts. I admire (director) Bejoy Nambiar sir’s style of filmmaking. I am giving it my best and hoping that the audience loves the script and the way it is filmed. What has the experience of shooting in the UK been like? The weather is perfect for shooting because it’s just so comfortable. I love this weather and the UK. I love all the locations we’re shooting at. Right now, we’re at Cheltenham. We make trips to Hertfordshire. Last week, we were in Birmingham and before that, we were in London. Now we’re going back to Birmingham. We’re travelling a lot. I love the United Kingdom, the culture and people. The people are very warm. They are always smiling and very courteous. I love the road sense here. I love the fact that I can drink from the tap. Do you have a dream role you would love to play? I would love to play Tyler Durden from Fight Club. Can you see yourself working in the west? Well, let me first work in Hindi films and let me be a little happy about what I’ve done here. I like to do one thing at a time. Working in the west is an interesting idea. Have you made a master plan? I ran away from my house when I was 16 years old and everything since then has been spontaneous. I’m taking one day at a time. Today, what is your biggest motivating factor? It is to grow every day, to be a better version of myself, to learn something, to risk something every day and to face my fears every day. Do you have any ambitions besides acting? Yes, I have an ambition of making the world a better place. I don’t know how to go about it. Maybe I’ll get more clarity on that. I want to take practical steps to make the surroundings a better place. I want to do something about the water situation in India. What are your big passions away from work? I like being outdoors and love to travel. Thankfully, both these come as part and parcel of my work. I am really lucky to be in this profession, which each and every day lets me do what I love. What inspires you? Human beings, their behaviour and their interaction with each other. Honesty inspires me. I don’t like to filter things. It really excites me and inspires me to be a non-filtered person. It’s tough, but I enjoy it a lot. My inner circle sees the non-filtered side of me. Why do you love being an actor? It’s because it takes me to different places. It allows me to travel. It allows me to meet new people. I love human beings. I love to listen to people’s stories and learn from them. My career allows me to meet many people. I see it as an opportunity to make them smile. It makes me really happy.