Photo: HANNAH MCKAY/AFP/Getty Images.

A contestant on popular reality show, The Great British Bake Off won the hearts of the audience last week when he said he baked in order to make friends.

Rahul Mandal, a research scientist, was shown delivering cakes to staff at a leisure centre in Rotherham. He revealed that he “bakes regularly to make new friends” following his move to the UK almost eight years ago.

He began baking as he was “feeling lonely”.

The gesture won him a lot of fans among audiences of the Channel 4 show and social media users too. Mandal won the star baker honour for the second week in a row.

“It’s so surreal, I still can’t believe it. I keep pinching myself. I think I can bake,” he said. The 30- year-old baked his first cake two years ago.