Fan Club Of The Week – Surbhi Chandna

By Ajad Nazir.

RISING star Surbhi Chandna has devoted fans all over the world. Umaiyya Samreen from India, along with Beenish Taufique, Abeer Khatri, and Michelle Mushtaq from Pakistan
jointly run a fan club dedicated to the actress. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more.

What made you set up the fan club?
It was to let fans connect to Surbhi Chandna, and vice versa, to tell the world how amazing and talented she is.

Tell us about your fan club?
It is dedicated to our idol that is Surbhi. All we want is for the world to know and appreciate this bundle of talent and beauty. Our focus is on giving love and positivity to fans and the lady. Putting a smile on her face would make our day beautiful.

Tell us about a memorable moment?
It has to be when Surbhi’s name was announced as the Best Actress at AVTA 2017. We had tears of joy, or you may call it our ultimate ecstasy.

What do you like best about her?
What’s not to like? Honestly, though, it’s her nature and how she treats her fans. She might not notice everyone, but you know she loves everyone. She treats fans like they are friends, rather than behaving like a celebrity. She is not only the finest television actress, but also a wonderful person.

Which of her work is a favourite?
That has to be Annika from Ishqbaaaz. Although her previous character Haya in Qubool Hai is close to our heart, the versatility we have seen via Annika is beyond beautiful and it’s why she has this large fan base.

Tell us an interesting fact about her?
She doesn’t like putting on makeup; she loves the colour brown, she chooses comfort over looking flawless, which makes her even more flawless. It’s rare to see that in an actress rocking the TV world.

Define a true fan?
Someone who loves and respects the one they admire. As a fan, you represent a whole fandom. A fan should be inspired by their idol. Someone who loves their idol’s flaws, spreads the same love and positivity as them without expecting any love in return is a true fan.