ACTOR Shahid Kapoor rounded off 2017 by being named as the sexiest Asian man on the planet and started 2018 by starring in blockbuster hit Padmaavat. Throughout his success, the talented star has been supported by admirers including Rohit Raikwar from Agra, Sana Shaikh from Mum­bai and Annushka from Pune, who run a fan club dedicated to him. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more…

What made you set up the fan club?

The whole and sole reason was to provide fans a one-stop destination for all updates regarding their fa­vourite star Shahid Kapoor. The warmth, love and gratitude he show­ered on us when we got to meet him inspired us truly to start this fan club. He as a person is just so real and down-to-earth.

Tell us about your fan club?

Shahid Kapoor Website is a platform dedicated to our inspiration. He fol­lows us on Twitter and engages with our posts. It is a fan club equally ac­tive on Facebook, Twitter and Insta­gram. We also created an official website for him. Our aim is to have all Shanatics (Shahid fans) together as one big family, so we even run contests and have special screenings. We are coming up with our mobile app very soon.

What has been your best moment?

Our most memorable moment was when two of us (Rohit and Sana) met Shahid in person. And then when he followed us back on Twitter. Our admin Rohit also has a tattoo of his name.

What is the best thing you like about Shahid Kapoor?

The best thing about him is that he meets fans with love and shows so much gratitude that makes you adore him even more. The way he talks to his fans and actually goes through every tweet from them is just so inspiring. This shows he’s such a sweet and down-to-earth per­son despite the stardom. He doesn’t drink or smoke, is a pure vegetarian and animal lover. The definition of a perfect man!

What is your favourite work Shahid has done?

When he played Tommy Singh in Ud­ta Punjab. The main reason why we loved it so much was that his brilliant acting skills made his character look so real and the effort he put into it. As Shahid doesn’t drink or smoke, he didn’t know what’s its like to be high, and yet he played the role so con­vincingly. He also went through a major body transformation. The hard work paid off and awards fol­lowed him.

Tell us an interesting fact about him?

Once a hardcore non-vegetarian, Shahid turned into a pure vegetarian when he read a book which inspired him. This shows his self-control. Also we admire him supporting PETA and he’s one of the sexiest vegetari­ans. Shahid didn’t charge any money for the movie Haider, which is also very admirable.

What is your definition of a true fan?

A true fan is a person who supports their idol throughout their journey, including the ups and downs. The one who never loses faith in the star. They are with them and inspire them during the lows because that’s when they need us (fans) the most.

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