TALENTED television star Param Singh has won over fans with great performances in drama serials and a grounded nature away from acting. Good friends Varsha Roy from Kolk­ata, India and Rehab Jamali from Dubai run a fan club dedicated to the actor. Eastern Eye caught up with them to find out more…

What first made you want to set up the fan club?

We came together to showcase our love for Param Singh Bhatia. It start­ed off as a token of admiration and appreciation for him, and went on to becoming a fan club called Param Ke Admirers (@ProudParamholic).

Tell us more about your fan club…

It is basically a family involving the followers and a world centred on the man himself. From various updates about Param Singh and appreciating his work to celebrating birthdays, his success, Twitter anniversaries and everything else, we are all in this together!

What has been your most memora­ble moment?

There have been many, but an out­standing one is getting a follow back on Twitter. That feeling when some­one you love notices you and acknowledges your work is unreal. That moment was truly memorable!

What is the best thing you like about Param Singh?

There are so many great things that it is hard to pick, but one is that he is always himself and never forgets to reciprocate the love he receives. His down-to-earth nature, politeness, simplicity and passion for his work make him a favourite of so many!

What is your favourite work Param has done?

Every single work of his has been a favourite, be it Yudi of Parvarish, Randhir Singh Shekhawat of Sadda Haq, Rangeela of Ghulaam or Dhruv Narang of Black Coffee, Param has always been top notch. He is obviously getting better each passing day.

Tell us an interesting fact about Param…

He is both an incredibly deep per­sonality and a kid at heart at the same time. He can go from having thoughtful conversations and speak­ing about things that matter to just simply cracking jokes and playing pranks. He’s that person who makes everyone laugh and is loved by eve­ryone, without whom everything seems incomplete.

What is your definition of a true fan?

When people say they’re a true fan, they usually mean that they’re ob­sessed with something or someone and can stay up all night going crazy over it. A true fan is one who sup­ports their favourite through thick and thin, good calls and bad, good plays and terrible ones. One who supports a person no matter what he does.

  • Visit Twitter: @ProudParamholic, @varsharoy05 or @masalachaii for more information.