Fan Club Of The Week – Hiba Nawab

ACCLAIMED actress Hiba Nawab has delivered a series of winning turns on television and got herself dedicated admirers including Akansha Yadav from from Lucknow in India, who runs a fan club dedicated to her. Eastern Eye caught up with Akansha to find out more…

What made you set up the fan club? 

I made this account in July 2015 after watching Hiba Nawab in this amazing show Tere Sheher Mein where she played Amaya. After seeing
that, I was in love with her.

Tell us about your fan club…

Mine is the first fan club to be followed by Hiba on Instagram. It’s been three years since I have been running this account because I am in love with this girl. She is rowing everyday, trying new things and making us all proud.

What has been your most memorable moment? 

When I met her in Lucknow. She visited to promote her show Jijaji Chhat Par Hai and I asked to meet her, which she made happen.

What is the best thing you like about Hiba Nawab? 

She is just super-sweet with her fans. She likes as many edits as she can. She comments when she really likes something and even replies to fans. She comes live on Instagram
just to interact with us.

What is your favourite work Hiba has done? 

Her current show Jijaji Chhat Par Hai is my favourite work. I love all her work, but this one has my heart and she even won the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for this show.

Tell us an interesting fact about her?  

She is normal like every other girl. She loves clicking selfies, is a big time foodie, and knows how to make her fans feel special. She taught us to love yourself!

What is your definition of a true fan? 

A true fan is the one who always supports her role model no matter what the consequences are. They should be there to support and love their favourite. That’s all an actor needs, our support and love.

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