Exclusive: “I want to pursue roles which have some kind of depth,” says Eshaan Shanker

Eshan Shanker
Eshan Shanker

Last seen in the Abbas-Mustan directed romantic thriller Machine (2017), actor Eshaan Shanker is quite psyched up about his upcoming projects. The young and handsome actor is presently working on a realistic film interestingly titled Pav Bhaji. In addition to Pav Bhaaji, which revolves around crime, drugs and human trafficking, Eshaan also has some other interesting projects in his pocket, which will begin production soon.

Squeezing some time out from his schedule, Eshaan Shanker talks to Eastern Eye and opens up about a lot of things. The actor tells us what led him to take up acting as a profession, his maiden movie Machine, the kind of roles that he wants to pursue as an actor and how Pav Bhaji landed in his lap. Excerpts…


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How do you look at your debut film Machine two and a half years after its theatrical release in March 2017?

Honestly, when I look back at it now, I feel I would have done it a lot differently. If people really liked my performance in that character, I assure everyone that I will blow their minds with my new projects, as I have learnt it all the very hard way.

Tell us something about your forthcoming film Pav Bhaji.

Pav Bhaji is a realistic film. I love the character that I am playing in the movie. It has many layers to it. I feel blessed that this movie has come my way.

The title of the film sounds very interesting. When you heard the title what was your reaction to it?

Yes, the title Pav Bhaji is super catchy as it is one of the most fast selling fast-foods in India. But the title of the film has a symbolic meaning to it. When you watch the film, you will get to know what it exactly means, and it is apt to the movie and the situations.

What kinds of roles do you want to associate yourself with?

I want to pursue roles which have some kind of depth and which showcase my potential to the fullest. The character of Samar which I am playing in Pav Bhaji satisfies my hunger for acting.


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How did you bag Machine and now Pav Bhaji?

When I was struggling to find work in the industry, the chief assistant director of Abbas-Mustan sir happened to be my friend. He introduced me to them and then the whole process of auditioning started. After a couple of rounds of auditions, they finalised me for the character of Raj and Aditya in Machine.

Coming to Pav Bhaji, there is an interesting story behind how I bagged the film. Actually, I had met Mr Ashokk R Konkade (director) for a different project. Unfortunately, that project never took off and we lost touch thereafter. Almost six months later, one fine day, he called me to his office and narrated the script of Pav Bhaji to me. He told me that when he was writing the script, he thought of me while penning down the character of Samar.

How did you end up becoming an actor?

I come from a non-filmy background. My dad is a businessman and my mom is a homemaker. My dad wanted to become an actor when he was young, but due to some incidents in life, he could not pursue acting. Since then I have had this passion of fulfilling his dreams and making his dream come true.


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When did you decided to become an actor?

At the age of 5, I decided that I wanted to be an actor, by seeing my dad not being able to fulfil his dream of becoming one. I decided I will be fulfilling his dreams and make it happen for him.

Besides acting, what else catches your attention?

Honestly, I am so consumed in the process of acting, be it being on set, dressing up, applying make-up, setting hair, facing the camera, I love it so much that nothing else attracts me and I don’t think anything else can satisfy me.

Are you working on some other projects also?

Yes, I am working on two other projects, but I cannot speak about them at the moment as they are in a very initial stage.