Vijay Sharma

The former head of the BBC Asian Network, Vijay Sharma, has been awarded the prestigious Radio Academy’s Fellowship award.

Sharma, who spent more than 20 years with the BBC and helped develop the careers of presenters like Sonia Deol, Bobby Friction, Anita Rani and Adil Ray, received her award at a presentation at Segue, the national radio event taking place in Leeds.

Presented by Owen Bentley, one of the original founders of The Asian Network, the
Fellowship is The Radio Academy’s highest honour for an individual’s dedication and
contribution to the world of radio and broadcasting.

Formerly head of BBC Asian Network, Sharma, was appointed editor of BBC Midlands
Regional Service in 1996, before overseeing the transformation of BBC Midlands Asian
Regional Service into the nationwide digital network, BBC Asian Network in 2002.

Earlier this year three Fellowships were awarded to Sally Aitchison, MBE, Siobhan Kenny and

Caroline Raphael, with an all-female list chosen to commemorate the 100-year anniversary
of female suffrage in the UK.

Roger Cutsforth, CEO of The Radio Academy said: “Sharma has contributed enormously to
the radio industry and in particular, the BBC Asian network, leaving an important legacy for
British Asian audiences. The Radio Academy is delighted to recognise that contribution in
this most significant of years, the 100-anniversary of female suffrage in the UK.”