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Building a technology team in a clash with the competence gap


Companies around the world face a pressing challenge in closing the gap between technological advances and workforce skills. Many businesses struggle to keep up with the demand for specialized expertise as technology advances at an unprecedented pace. Known as the Technological Skills Gap.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons behind this gap, explore its impact on companies, identify key technological skills needed in today’s workplace, and provide technology recruitment strategies to help your company overcome this challenge. Here’s how you can protect your company from the technological skills gap.

What is the Technological Skills Gap?

Technology has revolutionized the way we work, communicate, and live our lives. Innovations from artificial intelligence to big data analytics have revolutionized industries all over the world. However, this rapid evolution has a significant challenge – a gap in technological skills. According to the Global Knowledge IT Skills and Salary Report 2020, 69% of IT professionals reported a skills gap within their organization.

The Technological Skills Gap refers to the disparity between the skills needed in a company and the skills possessed by employees. Due to the rapid advancement of technology, traditional educational systems are struggling to keep up. The result? A shortage of technologically advanced professionals.

Impact of the Technological Skills Gap on Companies

The gap presents various obstacles for businesses. According to a 2020 study by CompTIA, 58% of IT companies reported feeling the effects of the skills gap on their ability to meet customer demands. This may result in challenges when trying to fill key positions within the organization, potentially causing project delays or an increase in technical debt. In addition, current employees may encounter difficulties adjusting to emerging technologies or lack proficiency in crucial digital tools necessary for smooth workflow.

To address this issue effectively, businesses need to identify which technological skills are most crucial in their industry or specific roles within their organization. In cybersecurity, for instance, experts may require knowledge of threat detection and mitigation techniques, while software development teams may require proficiency in programming languages like Python or Java.

The gap can be closed by implementing various strategies once these key skills are identified. This could involve providing internal training programs or partnering with organizations that specialize in upskilling employees on relevant technologies. By supporting mentorship programs and professional development opportunities, this gap can also be bridged.

Closing the Gap: Strategies

You’ve identified the technological skills gap in your company and it’s time to act. Fortunately, there are various strategies you can implement to close this gap and maintain

your competitive edge.

Management and development

According to LinkedIn’s 2021 Workplace Learning Report, 73% of learning and development professionals plan to launch upskilling programs to bridge the skills gap.

By offering employees opportunities to upskill or reskill, you not only fill the immediate skills gap but also create a culture of continuous learning within your organization. You can provide online courses, and workshops, or even partner with educational institutions to accomplish this.

By fostering a collaborative work environment, employees with different skill sets can learn from each other and gain valuable insights into a variety of technologies.

Collaboration that works

Additionally, companies should consider cooperating with external partners, who provide access to specialized resources and expertise that may not be available internally.

  • The recruitment process can be outsourced (RPO) so that a specialist found by an external company joins your team on a permanent basis. RPO companies usually have specialized recruitment teams that can find candidates more efficiently and effectively.
  • Additionally, you can opt for external forms of cooperation, including IT outsourcing, which comes in various models. If you lack an entire team or just individual skills, external specialists can help.

Implementing these strategies tailored specifically to your company’s needs will help you close the technological skills gap effectively – ensuring your business remains competitive despite rapid technological advances.


Companies face a technological skills gap that hinders innovation, slows progress, and creates a competitive disadvantage in the market. Recognizing this problem is the first step to finding a solution.

To close the technology skills gap within your company, it’s important to implement effective strategies. These include investing in training programs or partnering with educational institutions to upskill current employees. Moreover, you can fill any gaps within your organization by cooperating with external partners who have relevant technical skills.

It takes a multifaceted approach to prevent your company from falling victim to the technological skills gap. You will be well-equipped for success in an increasingly tech-driven world if you combine recruitment practices with employee development initiatives and foster a culture that embraces lifelong learning and reskilling opportunities.

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