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British NRI to be deported to India to finish jail term for wife’s murder

An Indian serving a jail term in the UK for killing his wife eight years ago will be deported to India to serve the remainder of his murder sentence in Punjab.

Harpreet Aulakh will be deported to India under the India-UK Repatriation of Prisoners Act.

He was sentenced to a minimum of 28 years in London in December 2010 for plotting to kill his wife, Geeta. Aulakh reportedly told UK authorities that he wanted to serve his remaining term in India.

“All arrangements are in place. According to the plan, the UK authorities will bring him to Delhi from where a team of Punjab police officers will bring him to Amritsar,” IPS Sahota, a top prison official in Punjab, was quoted as saying by BBC.

Geeta Aulakh was 28 years old when she was brutally attacked with a machete. The attack took place just as Geeta was about to pick her sons up from her childminder’s house in Greenford, west London.

She was hacked to death with a sword that her jealous husband of 10 years had chosen a few days before. Harpreet was reportedly not pleased that his wife had started divorce proceeding.

Though they lived 10 years together, they could not have been more different. A Guardian report described Geeta as selfless, hardworking, uncomplaining and devoted to her children. However, her husband was, to use the private words of one detective on the case, “a shit of biblical proportions.”

When Geeta finally left him, Harpreet became obsessed with the idea that she was seeing someone else, and this was what led to her murder.

Harpreet, along with Sher Singh, 19, and Jaswant Dhillon, 30, were found guilty of Geeta’s murder in 2010. Singh and Dhillon were sentenced to 22 years behind bars.