Bringing out the bridal best on the biggest day

A bride has to think about a lot during a wedding from planning the big day to finding the perfect outfit; but near the top of that list is hiring a make-up artist who can make her look like a queen.

Eastern Eye caught up with the professional Midlands-based make-up artist Tammy Takkar to talk about her work and top tips she would give brides.

What do you most enjoy about working at weddings?
I have worked with a diverse range of clients, but working on a wedding has its own unique magic and the feeling of making a bride look her best on the biggest day of her life is just amazing. I love the atmosphere, culture and all the colourful elements of a wedding.

What is the secret to selecting a good make-up artist?
Find someone who truly loves the job and enjoys working as a make-up artist. Someone who is willing to listen to the choices a bride makes, but is still comfortable enough to explain or give other options as a professional.

Tell us, what top tips would you give a bride selecting a make-up artist?
It is important to select someone who understands the whole theme, colours, natural looks and what makes the bride feel comfortable.

What are the hottest wedding trends right now in terms of makeup?
The natural as well as modern and vintage make-up look with nice voluminous hairstyles, is popular.

Tell us, what kind of looks do you most enjoy creating?
The looks that will bring out the best in the bride. I enjoy the contemporary with a bit of traditional touch.

What inspires you?
The bride inspires me the most because she is like the canvas for me to make something beautiful. I love to play with colours to create different looks. I love the vintage style outfits and creating a vintage or traditional-inspired looks.