Boney Kapoor on shooting of Maidaan being stalled: This has resulted in a massive loss for us

Instagram: Ajay Devgn
Instagram: Ajay Devgn

The shooting of many Bollywood films has been stalled due to the coronavirus outbreak and the lockdown. One of the films is Ajay Devgn starrer Maidaan which is being produced by Boney Kapoor.

Recently, while talking to Deadline, Kapoor spoke about the shooting of the film being stalled and how it will cause them a massive loss. Boney Kapoor said, “Maidaan is based on real events between 1952 and 1962, also known as the ‘golden era of Indian football’. It has superstar Ajay Devgn who is one of India’s finest actors. This is one of the biggest films currently being produced in India, so it required a larger-than-life vision and the most talented creatives in our country. We built a massive outdoor set covering a 16-acre plot around Mumbai, with all the production infrastructure like make-up rooms, production offices, direction offices, toilet facilities, and a separate PCR room for a 10 camera set up.”

“We brought in world-class sports choreographers, VFX consultants, additional DOPs, and camera operators from overseas. We also hired the best football coaches and flew international level players to set. Just as the shoot was getting underway, the pandemic hit the world. We had to ensure the safety of our entire crew so had to stop all prep and send everyone home,” he added.

He further revealed that now as the monsoon is going to start soon they had to dismantle the set. Kapoor said, “The set has now been dismantled as the rains are due to arrive in Mumbai. The rebuild will take at least two months, which earliest will start in September, so shooting can commence only in November. This has resulted in a massive loss for us.”

Also starring Priyamani, Maidaan was slated to hit the screens on 27th November 2020. But of course, now it will be postponed to 2021. While there are many filmmakers planning to release their films on OTT platforms, Boney Kapoor says that his films will only release in theatres.