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Angad Hasija: I get nervous while giving a shot even today!

Actor Angad Hasija, who essays the role of Chandar in Waaris, talks about how he is still remembered for his role in Sapna Babul Ka – Bidaai, as well as his journey since then.

You rose to prominence by portraying a mentally challenged person, Aalekh, in Sapna Babul Ka – Bidaai. Comment.
Sapna Babul Ka – Bidaai was a blessing and it still is. I got a wonderful response for the role and people still appreciate me. Also, on social media, people still tag me on the show videos. Bidaai has become number one in Turkey and it is also being aired in Indonesia, so I am very lucky and thankful to God that I got to be a part of such a wonderful show.

You have been part of the industry for almost 10 years now. What was the turning point of your career?
I feel that the time from when I shifted to Mumbai and started my career in the industry, till now, has been the golden period.

What is the response you are getting for your role Chandar after you re-entered the show?
The character of Chandar is very different, especially for me. He is a villain. The last time I was in Waaris, I had got a very good response. Now when I was re-entering, they wanted to do the entry in a different style. The efforts that have been made are amazing. Everyone has liked the entry and my character. There are times when people find it difficult to accept different roles, but touch wood, this time as well, I got a very good response, despite playing the villain.

A blast from the past- tell us how you got into the television world?
I started in the industry with Bidaai and the role was very challenging. The character was Schizophrenic. It is very difficult to portray such a role especially when you are a newcomer. Bidaai had many big actors like Alokji and Seema Ji, it was difficult to face the camera in front of them. And from that time, my journey has been fabulous. I have learnt a lot.

How did you feel facing the camera for the first time?
I was very nervous when I faced the camera for the first time and after 8-9 years in the industry, I still get nervous. Even today, after giving a shot I go up to the director and ask him whether it was okay. I believe in the saying, ‘Fear makes you successful, over-confidence brings you down.’

How did you cope up with the very tough and demanding schedule of television?
It is a very difficult schedule, it is not possible for everyone to work for 12 hours straight. But thankfully it is just restricted to 12 hours now. When I had started, we used to work 50 hours at a stretch at times. I believe that if you love your work, the timings should not matter. My schedule is a twelve hours shoot and I workout after that. I believe that if you have that dedication in you, then you can achieve anything in life.

Any interesting fan experience? 
I had many interesting experiences. I have learnt not only from the people that I have worked with but also from my fans, who have always given me a good response and supported me. I remember during the time of Bidaai, people used to give me prasad, they used to pray for me. Now, that I am playing the villain, people have started saying what kind of a person he is, which shows that I am doing a good job. So as an actor, when you get these responses you feel very satisfied that your efforts are not going in vain.