3 Cool Apps Everyone Should Use in the Contemporary Age

Having the best apps can make your life easy, efficient and most importantly effortless. Whether entertainment, shopping, reading, exploring new things, learning, education, cooking or anything else; everything is possible with a single app today. You can get the apps that help you learn, enjoy and get entertained.

In this post you would come across 3 wonderful apps that you can install on your android device or phone and enjoy them for free. These apps are must have and they can help you lead a happier, effective and efficient life for sure.  And of course, you can get all these apps for free form third party play store named 9apps. Keep on reading to know more about these.

  1. Hello English

English is one thing that you might find really tricky right? Youmay be really scared of those words, phrases or punctuations. Well, it is a great application that encompasses all the features of language learning, comprising grammar, spellings, translation, spoken, and even reading skills. But yes, you must already be in a position to understand usual English structure and alphabets. The application might not assist you in learning English from the scratch. The platform would ask you to pick your native language and go further.  Next you are going to be assigned twenty questions test that the app will use to evaluate your present English level.   The way you perform in the app, it would determine your level and hence help you learn and enhance your English skills. On this basis, the app would also recommend you the exercises and concepts.

  1. Intellijoy

Intellijoy is a wonderful developer of kid’s games for mobile. They have a huge and endless collection of kid’s games and most of such games have educational value. Some of the examples are such as Intellijoy Early Learning Academy and also the Kids Learn series possessing games for shapes, sorting, colouring, reading, counting, numbers, puzzle solving, and much more.  Your children can find amazing options in games and hence learn while they play. The app is free of cost and easy to use. The navigation is easy to do and the interface is user friendly too. Also, the app has a good speed.

  1. Vidmate

This is a cool app that everyone should have. The app gets you entertainment in the shape of videos and movies in abundance. You can get all the videos and movies in the formats, resolutions and formats of your type. All the popular video and movie platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Instagram, Vimeo, Dailymotion and so on are connected with this app. hence, you can ensure that you get all the content through this app. the app also allows you to stream and download in threefold speed and hence you experience utmost efficiency.  Also, Vidmate app is free and has easy to use interface for all.The app is also known as HD video downloader.


So, to start with you must get these three apps on your device for a great experience. These apps are sure to get you delight and enjoyment.