Mahmud Kamani (Photo: Jerritt Clark/Getty Images).

THE founder of British fashion retailer Boohoo facing a lawsuit of £118.5 million.

Web developer Richard Womack has moved ahead with his claim against Mahmud Kamani for breach of an agreement.

The solicitors confirmed legal documents had been served to the High Court sitting in Manchester.

Womack has claimed that Kamani reneged on an assurance to reward him for developing the company’s website to boost its business.

The web developer also claimed that he was promised a 10 per cent share in Boohoo.

Kamani’s spokesman rejected the claim and described it as “entirely without merit”.

The spokesman was quoted by BBC, said Womack had made “a number of different attempts to extract substantial sums of money from Mahmud Kamani” and the latest allegation was “entirely opportunistic”.

The lawyers representing the web developer said their client had worked for two years developing Boohoo website to make it more vibrant and boost the company’s business.

Womack designed Boohoo’s stand and supported collect contact details of customers when the portal was launched at the Clothes Show Live in 2006, according to the JMW solicitors.

The web developer also claims that he was promised a 10 per cent share in Boohoo after the launch of the website.

Womack claims that the promise was never honoured and he has not received “a single penny” for two years of hard work.