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The reconnect


IF YOU are in a relationship and have been self-isolating separately, then the lockdown slowly coming to an end will be like a bright shining light at the end of a dark tunnel. It will almost feel like you both have been fighting a war on different battlefronts and will be finally reunited as the conflict comes to an end. It will almost feel like the end of a romantic film when you both reconnect and epic music plays in the background. I fully feel what you have gone through because my partner and I have been self-isolating separately hundreds of miles apart for months.

There is no denying that lockdown has likely changed many of us and hopefully, it has been positively. A recent survey revealed that most couples feel lockdown has made their relationship stronger. Perhaps, now we will enter a world where we appreciate one another a little more and forgive each other for small things that don’t matter so much. It may take more time for you to get back to that perfect place from before, but if you have got through this time apart and still have those same feelings, then you will emerge stronger than before. The moments you spend together will be more meaningful, the hug will feel a little better and any moments of silence won’t feel so awkward. You will just be happy being in each other’s company.

So if you are self-isolating apart, hold on to whatever you have and keep connected on video or phone call until you are reunited. Both of you will be entering a brand new world with new possibilities together. Apply whatever lockdown has taught you into everyday life. Be more appreciative of your blessings, but more importantly be appreciative of yourself.

I had a lifelong dream to write a novel and managed to complete the first draft during lockdown. Whether I find a publisher or not comes secondary to the confidence that I gained from completing a seemingly impossible task and now a little more of me believes that ‘I can’. That self-belief translates into self-love and will only benefit relationships you have with others. It will help in that reconnect with normal life again.

If you feel the lockdown was unproductive that is okay as well. We are not in a race and just trying to get through an impossible situation that has suddenly been thrust upon on us, so take as long as you need to get back to normality. If you are single or have broken up with someone during lockdown, that is okay as well. What matters is that you have hope in your heart and know that better days are ahead for all of us, as we reconnect with the world. It all starts with reconnecting with yourself and with that I will leave you with a quote by the Dalai Lama, “With realisation of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

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