The Perks Of Having A Good Field Service Software

You know the tasks of customer technical support or that of maintenance dispatcher or scheduler are really important for the smooth running of the order fulfillment process. Yet performing them might seem an endless chore that gets little praise in case there is no efficient FSM solution in place.

But again, fortunately, the right and effective solution will come with a number of modules to easily optimize the work of the dispatcher or scheduler. Once you have the right Field service automation software, you can experience satisfaction and effectiveness It would hence contribute to increased customer satisfaction.  Such modules include:

Proper scheduling and planning instruments

Catering you a 360º view of the situation of your team, you can use the graphical timeline to easily schedule new tasks, assign them to the right field technicians, and guarantee they have the correct equipment and parts to hand. Data provided by this module can encompass:

  • the SLA connected with the order
  • available resources (human and technical) appropriate for completing the order
  • the arrangement of tasks required to complete the order
  • resources available that are closest to the order site
  • a list of tasks presently allocated to technicians

Location-based Facilities

Irrespective of how many technicians, orders and vehicles you are accountable for, a GIS-based FSM instrument would allow you to keep tabs on them through a combination of digital maps and mobile handsets with that of GPS or vehicle tracking equipment. The outcome is that you can easily find a technician with the correct skills quickly, and dispatch them to the location of the client in order to resolve any type of given problem.

Spare Parts Management

Once a field service technician reaches at a client’s premises with exactly the right equipment and parts to do the job required, it can form up only a positive impression. On the other hand, customer satisfaction might take a severe blow if the technician requires returning to the warehouse so as to collect the parts required to carry out an urgent repair. Here not to mention the price that this incurs the service company. The perks of field service management encompass the ability to deploy optimization tools to assist in predicting the nature and solution of problems, so that the majority of instances get resolved in the first manner rather than that of second.

Amazing optimization tools

Optimization must not mean only driving down costs to the lowermost possible level. It is about striking the correct balance between expenses, resources and even that of benefits. FSM optimization instruments help you to do just this, for example by establishing your employees’ work optimally or by using the GIS system information to plan your routes in an effective manner.


Thus, you should use the best field service software to ensure that your work is going on in full swing! After all, when these tools can streamline your tasks, give everyone the exact idea about what is going on and ensure proper productivity; you must not miss out on them.