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The logic of leadership

GUIDANCE: Sadhguru

SADHGURU ON WHAT THE ROLE ENTAILS AND WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT LEADERSHIP is not dominance, it is a certain sacrifice. Leadership is not about ruling someone, it is about mak­ing someone’s life. Leadership essentially means that you are capable of creating the necessary at­mosphere for people to go beyond the limitations they have set for themselves. In the presence of a leader, people are able to do things they would not have imagined or done by themselves. The very fundamentals of leadership are that you aspire to achieve certain things, and take people with you towards the goal. And for whatever reason if it does not happen, you don’t become a bundle of frustrations. These qualities are most essential for leadership. If you have your own issues and con­cerns, you will never function to your full capacity. So, it is extremely important that the leadership in the world func­tions as a full-brain process, not as a half-brain process. When I say leadership, it is not just a question of presidents and prime minis­ters. Whatever sphere we are in, every­one is a leader in some capacity; it is only a question of scale. Whether you are managing and leading two people or one billion people, everyone is some kind of a leader. Any leader who does not feel a deep sense of inclusion, who does not feel that people around him are a part of him, who does not feel a certain sense of one­ness with the people around him, he can­not be a genuine leader. He can only ma­nipulate situations for better or for worse. A non-religious spiritual process can play a phenomenal role in this. A spiritu­al process is about wanting to know the depth of life. This is very essential for a leader because a leader faces constant challenges. Above all,…

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