Sneha Wagh: I’m someone who will never go to parties to get work!

Work is worship for actor Sneha Wagh, who has been part of shows such as Jyothi and Sher-e-Punjab Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Social parties are a big part of showbiz and many times become instrumental in getting you your next role. However, Sneha says that she has always refrained from bagging roles in this manner. “I am someone who will never to go to any party to get work. What is not in my hands, why should I run after that? Rather, I will concentrate on my craft. Talent will take you places. Right now, I am looking for something substantial – a character which can create an impact in my career,” she says.

The actor feels that talent has always played a pivotal role in her career. “I was a bit scared when I got to play a mother’s role again in Maharaja Ranjit Singh because in our industry actors get typecast easily. When I played the role of a mother in Veera, I was quite young and there was not a big gap between me and my on-screen children. To me, the role always matters more. How much I am giving to it, is important. I am picky and choosy when it comes to my roles. But I have immense faith in my talent and my craft. I know, no matter how tough the role is, I will give my best,” she says.