Sadiq Khan says Britain should not be rolling out red carpet for Donald Trump

The baby blimp will once again fly over the capital.
The baby blimp will once again fly over the capital.

LONDON mayor Sadiq Khan said Britain should not be rolling out the red carpet next week for Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK as he is “somebody whose views we disagree with.”

Trump will arrive in the UK on Monday for a three-day visit and the baby blimp that greeted him last time during his trip to the UK will once again fly over London.

The Greater London Authority, headed by Khan, recently gave the owners of the blimp permission to fly the balloon.

Those planning to fly the blimp said they would fly the balloon only if a fundraiser for charities “pushing back against the politics of hate and division” hits £30,000.

“Now that the GLA has given us permission, we’re almost ready to fly the baby,” Anna Vickerstaff, a Trump blimp ‘Babysitter’, was quoted as saying. “All we need now is for the public to help us to hit our fundraiser target in support of the groups who are fighting the impacts of Trump’s disastrous policies.

“We’ve promised to get the baby in the air again – but only if and when we raise money for these groups. We’re all for making a joke out of Trump, but we won’t let the opportunity pass to support those fighting the very serious impacts of what he’s doing.”

The blimp first made its appearance last July during the president’s previous visit, which also sparked mass protests.

Trump’s trip to the UK will include lunch with the Queen at Buckingham Palace and meetings with prime minister Theresa May.