Rytasha Rathore: Badho Bahu helped me open my eyes to the real India!

Very talented Rytasha Rathore, who plays the role of Komal (Badho) in the &TV show Badho Bahu, has completed one year with the show. Talking about how she feels at this point, the actress says, “I feel great, because when we started it seemed a long time, but now 400 days have gone by so quickly. I never imagined that the show would be such a big hit. But I knew the concept was very good, so it was going to be a nice watch. When I saw the first episode, I knew that the show was going to be successful.”

The show has also taught Rytasha a lot. “After doing the show, I was forced to open my eyes to the real India, to see the masses, the kind of people that actually live in the country. I was taken out of that comfort shell and the bubble that I lived in. I got to see how patriarchy, misogyny, injustice to women is so real. I have noticed that on the sets as well. The crew consists of hardly 3 women in 100 men. They treat the women very differently. And it really hurts my heart,” she says.

The actor feels that there needs to be a change in how women are treated. “I think we should inspire women to just be confident irrespective of their height, weight, skin, colour. We have always treated women like second-class citizens, we forget they are actually goddesses, we pray to them and then do bad things to them. Women, too, need to be confident and take charge. They should unleash their inner goddesses, the moment they do that there is nothing that will stop them,” she says.

Awareness is the key to change, feels Rytasha. “We as a nation have to start sex education, we should start healthy discussions so that the illiterate masses get knowledge. We should lift taboos and then many things can be solved,” she adds.

Ask her what her philosophy in life is, and she says, “My philosophy of life is constantly changing. Right now, it is to work hard, be graceful and develop the thickest skin possible. Only respect the people who respect you. Surround yourself with love and block negativity. That is my funda. Breathe in the good and breathe out the bad.”

‘Straightforward’ and ‘happy-go-lucky’ are terms used by people to describe Rytasha, and she says, “I have heard that maybe it is not good. But I don’t like small talk, I don’t like any formalities. I am happy-go-lucky, like if somebody is decent and respectful then I am nice to that person otherwise I will just walk away.”