Rotherham grooming gang: Man bragged to teen’s mother about having sex with her

Schoolgirl says she was sold for sex by Asian grooming gang
Schoolgirl says she was sold for sex by Asian grooming gang

A MAN believed to have raped a teenager bragged about the incident to the girl’s mother in Rotherham market.

Abid Saddiq, 38, one of the six men on trial over allegations they abused seven youngsters in Rotherham between 1998 and 2002 told the girl’s mother “I f****d your daughter the other day,” a court heard on Friday (23).

Summing up the case, Judge Michael Slater explained how the girls was allegedly taken down an alleyway and raped by Saddiq.

In an interview with police in 2016, the complainant said: “He took me by the arm and took me away. He took my trousers off and had sex with me. I wouldn’t say I was having sex back with him, because I wasn’t.”

She added: “Two days later he walked past my mum in Rotherham market and said: ‘I f****d your daughter the other day’.”

According to the teenager, who was 14 or 15 at the time, her mother responded by calling Saddiq a “dirty b*****d”.

All six men deny allegations of indecent assault and child abduction against seven schoolgirls.

Saddiq, a father-of-four from Masbrough, Rotherham, who faces two counts of rape, five of indecent assault and two of child abduction, reportedly said: “I had nothing to do with any of them until they were over 18. It’s not them telling the truth, it’s me.”

Sharaz Hussain, 35, of Fitzwilliam Road, Rotherham, and Masaued Malik, 35, are charged with four and three counts of indecent assault respectively. Aftab Hussain, 40, is accused of two counts of indecent assault.

Other two cannot be named for legal reasons.

The trial continues.