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Sumbul Touqeer Khan: Reality of being a rising star

The 19-year-old actor speaks about her memorable appearance in the recently concluded reality show Bigg Boss 16 and her budding film career

Sumbul Touqeer Khan


THERE is plenty of evidence that Sumbul Touqeer Khan is one of the hottest young talents in India right now.
The 19-year-old followed up an impactful appearance in the acclaimed film Article 15 with a title role in the super hit TV drama series Imlie and a memorable appearance in the recently concluded reality show Bigg Boss 16. With a fast-growing fan base, relatability, and strong work ethic, the rapidly rising self-made star has become an icon for a new generation and will shine brighter in years to come.

The popular teenage actress, who has multiple paths open to her, has definitely become one to watch. She spoke to Eastern Eye about her Bigg Boss 16 journey, future hopes, dedicated fan base, and deep love for music.

What was the experience of being part of Bigg Boss 16?
It was very different from what I thought, as Bigg Boss is very different and a bigger reality show than the others. Along with that, all the things that happened inside the house, I think it was a learning experience for me. I have learned so much from my difficult time inside the house and am carrying it inside my heart. But I have left all the bad memories behind.

Overall, it was an interesting learning experience for me.

Do you think you would have done anything differently?
According to me, I was as real inside the house as I am in real life. Like the way I do friendship, I put a lot of effort to maintain it. So, I am like that in real life. Overall, if you ask me, I am quite satisfied with my journey inside because I was real. If I was not real or if I was doing something just for the cameras, then I would look back differently. But being real inside was my victory.

What was your most memorable moment on the Bigg Boss 16 journey?
I think my most memorable moment in Bigg Boss would be when I danced in front of Anil Kapoor sir and performed with Kartik Aryan sir because that was also a task for me. The way people get star – struck, I too became like that after seeing Anil sir. But I tried my level best. I had never heard that song and listened to it for the first time and performed it very well.

What did you miss most while you were locked in the house?
Everyone inside the house missed their family most, and I was no different. I was missing my family. Along with that, I am very fond of reading novels and going on long drives, so I was missing my car very much inside the house and the books I read in my daily life.

Do you think you were treated fairly in the show?
I think I was treated fairly because everything that happened inside the house must have been my fault. Salman (Khan) sir explained to me every single moment where I had gone wrong, all the tasks I had done, and where I had won. So, everything was fair with me in that show.

How did you feel leaving the Bigg Boss house?
At that time, I wasn’t feeling bad because of the way the nominations were done. Because of me, two of my friends got nominated [to be voted out], so when I came to know I was the one who was leaving, I was very happy because I didn’t want someone else to be punished for my mistake. I didn’t want my two friends to go. After coming out, I felt I could have been a finalist if such a situation had not come in front of me. But whatever happens, it happens for the best.

How much does your amazing fan support mean to you?
I think we all require fan support. I don’t call them fans; I call them family. They were like my strong family, giving me immense support for 18 weeks and an incredible amount of love, which I can never repay. They are the ones who make us and if they don’t like something, they can make us fall down. There is no actor who is famous without fans. They become famous only because of their fans.

The support you received while you were in Bigg Boss 16 was incredible…
I am so happy people have liked me. The support of my fan family was very important inside the Bigg Boss house because they were the ones who were voting. And on the basis of their votes, I stayed in for so many weeks. So that is everything for me. Whatever work I do, I always try to do it to the best of my ability, because I am very aware of that love and how they always stand by me. I never want to upset them because their unconditional love and support is everything to me.

What is the plan going forward?
I would love to do a web series or movie, but I think it is going to take a little time. But if I get an – other offer for a daily soap, which is a good opportunity according to me and my father, then I would love to do that because for me work is work. But it’s just that I want to do fiction because it is my actual love.

Who would you love to work with in films?
I would love to work with (director) Anubhav Sinha again because I worked with him in Article 15, and it was a great experience. In fact, I would love to work with every director because everyone has a different way or style of working. I would love to explore everything.

Do you have a dream role?
I don’t have a particular dream role. I just want to explore each and every kind of role because I want to challenge myself. I want to see how far I can go and how much better I can do, and I will only get to know that by exploring different roles. I want to do the opposite of Imlie, the character I played. Or a grey character or negative role in a well-written project because I love acting. Maybe write some – thing myself. It is my passion. If I am satisfied with the work I have done in a day, and am able to sleep peacefully, that is enough for me.

How much does all the positivity around you and your talent mean to you?
Positivity is very important for me and my talent. You feel nice when there is positivity around and good things happen to you. You attract positive energy, instead of negativity. If I am doing good work then I would want people to like it, and for them to see it and explore it. When people are happy after seeing that, their positive energy reaches me and not only me, but the people around me also are happy.

You are multi-talented, but if you could master something new, what would it be?
I don’t know about being multi-talented. The talent I don’t have, ac – cording to me, is singing. I can’t sing. I would love to explore singing if I get a chance. I can dance well, do acting and can write as well, so only singing is left.

You impressed us with your rapping. What kind of music dominates your personal playlist?
I like all kinds of music. There isn’t any favourite genre or dominant songs because there is a type of music for every mood. I never realised before going inside the house, that my life revolves around music. For me music is everything and I try to rap as well. Even if I go out for a shoot, I always have a speaker along with me. My life
revolves around it because I am a dancer. I can’t explain this attachment I have with music, which I like according to the situation or my mood.

Finally, would you like to give a message for your fans?
Like I said, they are not fans, they are my family. I love them a lot and it is very difficult to express it in words. I am so very grateful for them. The amount of love they have given me, the way they have supported me. Because of them I have reached here. I am very happy for that.

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