Priyanka Chopra likely to star in Aitraaz 2

As per the reports in a leading Indian tabloid, Priyanka Chopra may be a part of Aitraaz 2. The final script has been locked by Subhash Ghai. However, the director and the cast of the film is yet to be finalized by the filmmaker. It is reported that the shooting of the movie will begin by the end of the year.

Talking about Priyanka Chopra starring in Aitraaz 2, a source close to Subhash Ghai said to a leading Indian tabloid, “It’s a new story with a new title. Subhash Ghai has already had a word with Priyanka Chopra and the two have discussed the film. She loves the idea of a sequel to a film which won her accolades for her performance in a negative role and is excited to feature in the second installment of the franchise. She is keen to collaborate with Ghai again and has even told him that she will try working around her dates.”

Last year, Priyanka Chopra was asked by a leading Indian entertainment portal about her next film, Priyanka said, “Yes, I am, as soon as I put pen to paper. I’m not someone who’s into like ‘yeh main kar rahi hoon. Yeh announcement karo‘. I believe in starting the film and when there is…it’s come to a place where you can talk about it, then people should see what I’m talking about because otherwise, there are so many speculations. I believe I’ve signed some 20 films, so far. I mean, I’m in conversation with every film that’s being made at the moment. And, I am in conversation with a few people. But, that doesn’t make a film and that definitely does not make news. Trolling and speculative movie announcements are two things that really need to get out of entertainment news. Then there will be so much more to talk about. When did trolling become news? How can someone’s opinion on Twitter become front page headlines? That’s another one…that’s a pet peeve of mine.”