My top 10 things that make me happy – Kinza Razzak

Family: It’s the most integral part of my life, and therefore, I am the happiest and a complete person when I’m around my family members. They could be my parents, sisters, nieces or nephews. They love, disagree, advise, criticise, dislike, and motivate, which all make me a better person.

Travelling: I love going to different places and can never get enough of travelling. Every time it gives me a new perspective on life through the process of observation and exploration. I always invent a new characteristic in me that has not been discovered before. Therefore, I travel to unveil myself. I travel to learn more about the beautiful world and its people. Travelling makes me a storyteller.

Yoga and gym: Working out keeps me active, and one can always be happy about this feeling. I love challenging my body with weights, which gives you control, vision and an everyday challenge. Gym feeds my body, but yoga feeds my soul. Yoga connects me with my soul, giving me resilience, substance and peace of mind. Once you breathe better, you feel better.

Games: I’m a very competitive person and love challenges. I love playing strategic games. I’m a bridge player. I love hosting game nights and like to be on the winning side. Doing karaoke and singing songs are also some things that make me happy.

Acting/hosting: It is one of my greatest passions. I love how one goes into the depth of characters and creates a life of their own. It makes me happy to live in someone else’s shoes and see life from their eyes. Hosting on the other hand helps me work on my confidence and interpersonal skills. I love interacting with different people and question their views.

Water sports: Anything that allows me to interact with nature makes me happy. Likewise, activities in water are so refreshing; for example, snorkelling, surfing and swimming. Water gives me the feel of serenity, calmness and stillness.

Creating: I love creating things, be it in the form of a story, screenplay or songs. I enjoy writing poetry as it keeps my mind engaged. I also enjoy using my aesthetic sense in making clothes and putting together the colour palate in line with the fabric.

Listening to music: Music makes me reminisce about my past life and undergo the feelings that were felt at one point of time. It connects me to my soul and gives me peace of mind.

Doing something for someone: I like making people around me happy. It gives me a lot of satisfaction. It can be merely giving someone an advice, standing up for someone or supporting anyone in the time of need or just a polite gesture. It makes me contented and proud of who I am.

Unwinding myself: I love spending time with my own self, knowing myself and exploring myself. My ‘me-time’ is very vital in my routine because it is an activity for self-criticism, and amending my behaviour and attitude. It makes me happy to vent out the negativity and start fresh. I can also read ‘self help’ books for shaping my personality.

Kinza Razzak is a Pakistani television actress, who has starred in serials, including Shayad and Dilara. Visit Instagram: @kinzarazzak