Life after lockdown


“Is there anything even under our total control? Yes, two things are: your actions and your attitude,” Mo Gawdat.

LOCKDOWN has been a challenging time, and perhaps, it has tested many of us on what is important in life. The life, attitudes and values we had pre-lockdown might not be the ones we wish to return to. And this may bring opportunities to make changes.

But with lockdown easing, you may have mixed feelings about what lies ahead. Some may fear becoming ill or losing loved ones and won’t be ready to leave lockdown. Some may want to return to work, but feel nervous about it. Others may be raring to see friends and family, save their livelihoods and restart the economy. And for many, being asked to work again and come out of lockdown is not a choice.

Whatever your situation, perhaps we should acknowledge and be prepared for the possibility that coming out of lockdown might be just as unpredictable and difficult as going into it. It took us time to find ways to cope during lockdown, and it may take time to reconnect with life. In the coming days, weeks and months, we may encounter unforeseen personal challenges, and we will most certainly meet people who have different fears, and anxieties about post-lockdown actions.

There will be opposing attitudes and this may cause conflict among people, with some becoming irritated by the behaviour of others. When you notice this happening, it is a good time to take a step back and talk to someone you trust rather than taking to social media, which can perpetuate unpleasant feelings.

The point is, everybody is facing uncertainty and it is entirely normal to feel whatever you feel. It is not good or bad and we have no choice, but to move through it as best we can. We may not know what others have been through during lockdown; they may be grieving the loss of a loved, losing their job, a relationship breakdown or having a sense of no longer feeling safe. That is why kindness and patience will be needed now more than ever.

And whatever actions you choose to take, please remember that we are still in a pandemic. Thousands sadly lost their lives to the highly infectious virus for which we still don’t have a vaccine. Since UK infection rates vary between towns, staying informed and keeping an open dialogue with children and elderly relatives on the latest updates and how to stay safe is essential.

As we ease out of lockdown, it is ok to take things at your own pace, if possible. Stay present as often as you can and amid the uncertainty remember to focus on things you can control. Use your inner strength to keep yourself and those around you safe. Follow guidelines, trust your instincts and be aware of the unpredictability. Throughout it all, keep positivity alive in your heart. Remember, there are so many things to be hopeful for and use this as a guiding light.