Karmveer Choudhary: Films are forever, television is not!

Actor Karmveer Choudhary, who plays the role of Kailash Ahlawat (Tauji) in Badho Bahu, says that the show is garnering a lot of attention due to the current twists and turns in the story. The actor says that this is because the story is realistic in nature.

“The current track is getting a wonderful response from the audience and I give the entire credit to the content. I feel that the audience is now getting bored with the predictable saas-bahu drama with excessive colours and high makeup. So, the present track of Badho Bahu in which recently they showed the elections, was relatable because it is real. I loved this track and it was very close to me. My character Kailash has won the title of Sarpanch and he is extremely pleased because it is the first time that he is going to come in the limelight instead of Raghuveer (Pankaj Dheer). He wants to prove himself as a Sarpanch and bring about some development in the village,” he says.

In fact, Karmveer adds that he has been getting a superb response to his character, too. “The response that I am getting for my character is very overwhelming. Recently I had gone to this temple where many fans came up to me and they were calling me ‘Sirsa ke Sarpanch’. So this track has given me an identity of my own. Everyone is praising the show, they are loving the show, the fans say that they watch the show with their families and enjoy it,” he says.

Karmveer has been getting a lot of attention from his fans as well. “I had gone for a shoot in Himachal in a place called Dharamshala. I had boarded a small fight and the air-hostess came up to me and said that she recognizes me as Tau ji of Badho Bahu and I was shocked. She asked me for a selfie and I was really happy. I told her that we will take the selfie when the plane lands. After landing, she called all the crew and staff of the plane and they all took a selfie with me. I cannot express the happiness I felt,” he says.

The show completed one year recently and Karmveer says that he is thrilled. “I am extremely happy. Every one of us, the whole team of Badho Bahu, has put in a lot of efforts to make the show a success and the audience has always showered their affection for the show. I feel very proud that the show is such a huge hit. If the actors work together like this in the future as well, then I am sure the show will continue to win the hearts of the audience for many years to come,” he says.

Ask him how the atmosphere on the set is, and he says, “It is full of fun. All of us enjoy working together. Every one of us is making efforts to make the show number one. Dipti ji is very creative and she always makes the story such that it will attract the audience in some way. She is not at all arrogant. She comes on the set regularly and meets us all. If anyone has a problem, she solves it personally. All of the team is a wonderful family.”

He adds, “I have to specially mention a name, Ishtiaq ji who works on the sets with us, he handles the production team on the sets. He helps us in all possible ways and without him, the shoot is impossible.”

The actor has been part of films as well and says that working in TV and films are very different. “I have worked in films, small budget to large budget. I just started working in television. The whole canvas is different when it comes to shooting for films. You just shoot a scene in a day, for a film, there is no hurry to shoot. Films are forever, people still watch the oldest of films, so we can say that the actor becomes immortal in a way when he works in a film. Television is not forever, sometimes the track gets over, sometimes the show goes off-air. So the actor is only remembered when he is seen on-screen. There is a hurry to shoot in television. I want to try and work hard whether it is films or television,” he says.