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ICICI Bank offers soon-to-be expats facility to open account before arriving in UK

Screenshot of ICICI Bank UK iMobile app. (Photo: ICICI Bank Ltd/ Google Play)
Screenshot of ICICI Bank UK iMobile app. (Photo: ICICI Bank Ltd/ Google Play)

ICICI Bank UK has unveiled a new facility in its mobile application, allowing Indians migrating to the UK to open an account while in India itself.

The Indian passport holders moving to UK for work will be able to open personal current account in the UK, equivalent to a savings account in India, through the ‘ICICI Bank UK iMobile’ application.

The bank claimed that the service is first-of-its-kind by an Indian bank in the UK.

“This unique proposition heralds a new era of opening an account in few minutes, a marked improvement over a few days taken earlier,” said Loknath Mishra, chief executive of ICICI Bank UK.

The completely digital procedure dispense with the requirement to visit a branch in UK. The customers can simply download the app and furnish all KYC details electronically. The account will be instantly activated, allowing customers to start transacting immediately.

Customers will receive a contactless debit card at their correspondence address either in UK or in India. They will also be able to remit money 24×7 instantly to any ICICI Bank account in India.

The app is available in both android and iOS platforms.