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How Rithvik Dhanjani is making his voice heard

Rithvik Dhanjani in a scene in Cartel.

By: Asjad Nazir

The versatile TV star reveals his career ambitions and why he needed different acting skills to do an audio series

TOP talent Rithvik Dhanjani has blazed a trail of fire on television with terrific turns as an actor, host, and reality show participant.

The multi-talented star has clocked up an impressive body of work and has branched off into the web series space with big projects like gripping 2021 show Cartel, which has received rave reviews.

Recently, the versatile actor added another feather to his cap by playing a lead role in audio series Buri Nazar. The drama has got great acclaim, and with a strong fan base and more major projects on the way, the popular performer is looking forward to pushing himself into new spaces with more challenges.

Eastern Eye caught up with Rithvik to discuss his action-packed journey, the success of Cartel, new audio series, future hopes, and lockdown life lessons.

How do you look back on your action-packed career?

It’s been a very joyous and adventurous ride. From my first show Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani up until my latest one Buri Nazar and so many more to come, it’s been a journey that has been nothing less than a blessing.

You have had many highlights, but which has been the most memorable?

The most memorable highlight of my career has to be Pavitra Rishta, because it truly gave me a platform in terms of my standing as an actor, anchor and who I am. So, I think definitely the time I spent with Pavitra Rishta was the most amazing and is closest to my heart.

What was the experience of working in your recent web series Cartel like?

Oh my god, working on Cartel has honestly been a dream for a very long time – to do something like this, where I am not myself and completely shed who I am, completely get into the skin of a character who is totally different to what I am. The way my character looks, walks, talks and everything else is completely poles apart from who I am, so it was exciting to play the character. I got such positive reviews, and it has been an honour to be part of it.

How much do the positive reviews mean to you?

In fact, just yesterday I was driving, and a policeman stopped me mid-way in traffic. I had no idea why he was doing that and thought I did something wrong. When he stopped me, I opened my window and said, ‘Sorry sir, did I do something wrong?’ And he’s like, ‘I only stopped you to tell you Cartel and you in it are fantastic.’ I was so overwhelmed that I can’t tell you what it was like. It was such a warm thing that he did, stopped me in the middle of the road to just tell me that he liked my work. So yes, Cartel is a huge blessing for me.

What led towards your latest audio project Buri Nazar?

Of course, the artists who I was collaborating with, Sayani Gupta and Supriya Pathak-ji. It’s definitely them. The script was amazing, plus the idea of being in a room and act with your voice – narrating the story, emotions, and everything through just your voice in that four-by-four room. I think that was honestly challenging, yet very
exciting and very fulfilling. All of us at the same time felt, ‘wow’. I felt I have really been missing out on this. So that is what made me take up Buri Nazar.

So what was it like to just use your voice to act?

The experience of just using my voice has been phenomenal. You are bound there with so many limitations because you can’t move or interact with another person. All that you have is your voice to completely tell the entire story – where you are, what you feel and everything through just dialogues. It’s a beautiful feeling for an actor to
lend their voice. I think it is so much more difficult because you don’t have the help an actor usually has, with no camera, lights, stage, people, nothing. Just you and your voice. It’s exciting, yet very challenging.

Did you learn anything new while doing this project?

Something new that I learned was, I am capable of doing so much more with myself. I wasn’t sure if I could pull this off – could I perform and emote just using my voice? I wasn’t confident, but now I think I can. It was revolutionary for me. It has been amazing to just be able to do that with my voice.

What can we expect next from you?

Some amazing, kick-ass stuff that I’ve been working on. Of course I can’t talk much about it, but there are some great shows lined up that are going to be so amazing. I can’t wait to share it with the world, especially my fans.

What is the biggest life lesson lockdown has taught you?

The biggest lockdown lesson I learned is that you have got to be content with what you have, no matter who you are. No matter how big or small, everyone is the same at the core and have the same human emotions. Everyone craves love, family, and attention. It is very important for you to be close to your loved ones. Give love and show you love them because they are the ones who will stand by you in times when no one else will. It is very important for us to be kinder, more loving, and more vocal about how we feel about our friends, family and those we truly love. We have to be vocal and tell them we care, and that we are there for them. That’s what the lockdown has taught me.

You have done a wide array of projects including hosting, acting, reality TV and now an audio series. Is there something new you want to attempt?

I would love to attempt something brand new. I love doing things I have never done before. I have been thrown into situations and places where I am out of my comfort zone, so yes, I absolutely would love to do something new. I don’t have something specific in mind in terms of what I want to do but yeah, if something new comes up, bring it on. If there is anybody who thinks there is something challenging out there for me, I would love to do that.

Do you have a dream role?

Very honestly, I am a huge Sherlock Holmes fan because I love detective dramas. If ever there was to be a Sherlock made in India, I would love to do it and would give my life to that character. It’s how much I love being a detective. So, this is something I would really like.

Finally, what inspires you?

What inspires me is life. Being able to live every day inspires me. Being able to wake up every day and see the sun rise inspires me. These things really inspire me and make me happy.

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